Monday, August 27, 2018

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

This summer, Julian consumed approximately 5,437 Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches.  "Can I have an ice cream sandwich" will forever echo in my ears and brain.  But who can blame him. I remember summers where we'd consume twin popsicles by the giant bagful and even eat frozen pie after frozen pie from the Schwann's man. It honestly never occurred to me that they should probably be heated up first.  But with the Fat Boys (which Julian has deemed offensive), the only condition is that if he gets one, he has to pay a bite-tax to me.  I get to take a corner because they are delish. 

When considering what to do for his birthday cake, the usual took place: I had a brilliant idea, suggested it to Sean, suggested we make it one night, immediately became exhausted, and watched Sean do most of it. Come on, we make a great team.

I learned something though: chocolate shortbread?! Are you kidding me? It's amazing. There is so much good cocoa in there.  And butter, so much glorious butter.  Geez louise I could only eat a little bit before I had to flee.

It was relatively easy to make (from what I could tell) and didn't take long.  But the best part of it all, maybe even better than eating it, was watching Sean work at break-neck speed to assemble everything before the ice cream melted. He was dashing around like a skilled mad man and it delighted me so to witness. It is just my favorite. So while he worked, I snapped pics. I should probably try to put these together in some kind of gif or something but, meh. Old school suffices for me. Just scroll really fast:

A delicious work of art.


Joel said...

I love this. That is all.

Alanna said...

This is AMAZING. And I can never stop quoting Arrested Development, so: "I am having a LOVE AFFAIR with this ice cream sandwich!"

)en said...

ha ha. Alanna, I admit I missed the AD boat but I appreciate your enthusiasm! Joel: *like*