Thursday, September 13, 2018


The other night I was enjoying some good Calvin and Hobbes when Julian burst into the house and was instructed to go up and take a bath.  The following took place:

JULIAN: I don't wanna take a bath!

JEN: Go take a bath. I can smell you. Git!

Jen reads funny Calvin and Hobbes strip. Whilst laughing, says to Sean:  Oh man, i want to read this strip to you, just like Calvin reads them to us and forces us to listen.

SEAN: You mean...Julian?

JEN: hahaha! Yes, Julian! Hahaha...

SEAN: I was like, you do mean your son, don't you..?

JEN: See? They are the same. Indistinguishable

In the middle of reading, Julian comes halfway down the stairs, naked, and exclaims:

Guess what I just did in the toilet!

JEN: Get upstairs!

SEAN: Nobody wants to hear!

JEN: I think I'm having an out-of-body experience.

Jen finishes reading the strip and she and Sean both laugh heartily.


Joel said...

Samuel frequently quotes lines from Calvin & Hobbes with no context, and I immediately recognize and respond to them because I have read those books a million zillion times. Katie just seems a little bit lost most of the time. I need to get her reading them.

)en said...

Yes! 90 times a day. I respond by simply saying, “oh hey, Calvin..” or “thanks, Calvin.” Yeah, she needs to study up. We would all do well to study up, in fact. ☺️