Thursday, September 20, 2018

Competitive Puzzling

I did a puzzle in two days this weekend.  No big deal. Actually it isn't because it was a 300 piece-r which is my favorite kind.   1,000-piece puzzles are for the birds. These days I won't go higher than 500.  And, as with everything else in life, I came to a point where I realized that puzzling would be a lot more fun if it were a race.

I love speed games. I always have. Everything is better if we make it a race.  Julian, however, hates them. Sean, does too I think, but he tolerates them enough to play.  But they straight up stress the kid out and he can't handle. It's something we're working on but it's also something I'm just having to accept.  Often when I play speed games, if I'm feeling sluggish, halfway through I'll kick it up a notch and am actually able to go faster.  I might get lazy or am just starting off slow but then when I notice, I propel myself, and I improve. It makes me feel good, like if I set my mind to something... etc.

I enjoyed this puzzle. Lots of little details. Nothing annoying like a stretching expanse of too much sky. And solo puzzling can be fun.  There's nobody around for me to tell my puzzling tales to so I just talk to the puzzle.  "Oh-ho, someone has a mailbox, who could it BE?  Blue house, it's YOU!"    By the end I was antsy to finish and I kicked it into high gear where I held the box in one hand and shuffled and fit the pieces with the other.  And then that funny thing happened where you start finding the pieces and fit them subconsciously.  Where your brain knows it's going to fit before you do and you startle yourself.   At this point I was sailing through it and I really wondered if there's speed puzzling out there. You know, like speed chess. Which, for the record, I do not understand.

Sooo...any contenders? A 300-piece puzzle would take some time but with the motivation of competition, I bet we could make it just as exciting as any competitive sport out there.  Perhaps I should petition the olympics committee to make a new event? {thinking emoji}  On your mark, get set... PUZZ!


Joel said...

This post should have been titled "A Puzzling Hobby," because I don't get it. Puzzle assembling should be a leisurely pursuit. You might as well turn sitting in a hammock into a competition. "Who can swing the highest? GO!"

Okay, never mind. I'm on board with that one.

)en said...

😆 totally, that sounds FUN! See? Everything’s better as a race. Today in my yoga class the instructor was like, “now slowly roll your spine down and lay yourself flat on your mat” and everyone was doing it fairly quickly until she said “now the point is to keep that core engaged as long as possible so the slower you go, the better” and I was like, GAME ON and I hit the brakes on my spine roll. Just because no one else kept score doesn’t mean I didn’t still win.