Thursday, December 01, 2016

25 Days of )en 2016

It's 9:23pm. The day is almost done. I'm tired and feel wholly without words.  It's almost too late. But not quite. As happens regularly, my brain is in need of a writerly shake up and 25 Days is just the thing to do it.  Despite the word lethargy, I am determined. Determined to carry on this magical Christmas tradition of the utmost importance to me, myself, and I.  I WILL have blog posts to post for each day. I WILL blog about Christmas things. I WILL try not to repeat myself.   I told Sean the other day that I felt like I had to dig so much deeper to find goods to post. In the old days (I'm sorry for always talking about the old days) I could just step outside my door and a story would immediately happen to me. The constant excitement was a way of life. But here I must work harder to find it. I must search diligently. But you know, i can't blame my lack of inspiration on my surroundings. So I won't.  I will be self-inspired! And I'm determined to find the magic, even in the mundane.

And that's my goal. Find the everyday magic. For every day.

Right now, you get to see my tree.  Get THIS.  We got a fake tree.  I knoowwww.. whaaat?  Read here.  And it's finally happened. I've had a serious change of heart and have made the switch. Probably not FOREVER.  But maybe? When we told Julian, he was upset for he loves going out to get the tree. But maybe since last year was the saddest tree gathering experience of my life, he might not feel like he's missing out on too much. We even thought we might get a real one for a different part of the house but, meh. We'll see.   Anyway, my reasons:

I wanted something different.

And that's about it. Plus it came with lights. Major score. Here it is. Flocked in all its flocking glory and I love it. Everyday Christmas Magic: Day One.

See you tomorrow.

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