Friday, November 18, 2016

Prophetic PG-13 Spoonerism

HA! i've been scrolling through my blog post drafts because you just never know when you may have a hidden gem from 2010. And voila.

Now, I've done 30 seconds of research and found that the word "sext" was officially put into the Merriam-Websters dictionary in 2012 but that the term was first published in 2005.  If I compare myself to other technology-users, then in 2005 I may have just been getting my greedy little hands on a pink razr flip phone.  Never really in the know about the latest hot ticket item, maybe sexting was a thing before I wrote this blog post but I certainly didn't know about it. So consider me a prophetess, even though it may have already been happening and the term invented.  I do seem to keep inventing words that have already been invented.  ("nowstalgia," for example. And I was so excited about that one.)

Here it is, my time capsule blog post, dated May 2010: 

I need to tend a sext.
ha ha. Kind of funny. Kind of. I wonder what it would mean. 


Also: I've been re-watching the show Selfie and it's soo great.  I love mocking popular culture but also drawing attention to it as it threatens to become a serious problem.  An epidemic. As an opportunity for a little social-psych analysis and self(ie)-reflection.   Anyway, go watch it today. 


Joel said...

Karen Gillan is my secret Hollywood crush, so I really should watch it.

)en said...

I've only seen her one another time (guardians of the Galaxy?) She's amazing. Crush valid.

Joel said...

I'm going to guess you aren't a Doctor Who fan, or you would have mentioned it, but she is awesome in that show. Especially in episodes like "The Girl Who Waited."

)en said...

i haven't yet seen it! but maybe now's the time, esp. since she's in it.