Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Random Quotes & Thoughts

I've got a lot of quotes or thoughts jotted down that I have enjoyed in recent days so let's put them all together in a hodgepodge quote fest. 

We were discussing dessert toppings and Sean said to me,  "It's what I thought about it even as a kid: 

Whipped cream: the big disappointment that looks like ice cream but isn't. Like, what is this sweet fluff?? Where's the ice cream?"

Obviously he's crazy because whipped cream is the dessert topping of the gods but still, I see what he's saying, and it makes me laugh. Picturing nerdy child Sean is always a good time.

I wrote this quote down but I don't know where it came from:

Peanut Butter: an unpalatable American curiosity. 

 I confess,  this is basically how I feel.  I feel like I can see why people like it, and yet I don't, really, and I can't explain why. I don't hate peanut butter, by any means. I can even find that I enjoy it, in a way, from time to time. It mystifies because I have even had an intense PB phase or two, but none since the last time. But ultimately I just can't get into it in the way i feel i ought.

Sean quotes related to the house:

1. When he was replacing the toilet flusher and other things:   

Oh, this [new flusher] is spring loaded. Might be a really pleasant flush feel.   

ha! Flush feel.

2. Getting bills is such a drag. We're such a clichee.  But here's Sean's quote:

It's like getting homework in the mail.

Other Sean quotes:

There are the Super People out there like Alicia Keys and Elan Musk and then there's the rest of us.
Jack Johnson: How does he know when he's written a new song?

WORD. They all sound the same. Which isn't the worst thing, but probably not the greatest. Jack. Just kidding. If I were a songwriter all of mine would sound the same. I have but one style.

Julian likes to speak in riddles to confuse us all.  Here's a question he asked me during dinner one night that made my brain die:

What would you look like if I existed and you were alive on Earth?
It took too long to reply, "like...i...do...nowww...."

Another Julian question:

Mom, what's the pool really about?

Sean's persnickety, snobby opinion on a potluck:

 Oh, we're having a potluck, so I can eat my own stuff.

Which is silly because we really don't know how to cook.

The other day the three of us were eating at a restaurant that overlooked a river and we were seated next to the window. We decided to play I Spy but with a twist: We had to provide clues using a poem.  I was delighted.  Here's my first one:

I am sometimes naked
I am sometimes clothed

It depends on if it's warm

Or if it is cold.

Sean and Julian took turns guessing. The answer: A tree.

Here is one of Julian's:

I am big and I am tall.
I have no face
and I am heavy too.

HA.  I think this was a light post? I can't remember but that poem is solid.

Here's another one of Julian's:

I am a cylinder.
There is another one
Very close to me.
And it sticks straight up.

Haha!  It was quite clever and took Sean a long time to guess:   his cup with a straw in it. 

The following are two Julian spoonerisms that both happen to be about the cat:

I thought I heard the hitty kissing.
I put a killow in pity's face.    

It'll be a pity when he killows him once and for all. Spoonerisms are the best. One day i'll type that word NOT this way: spoonderism. One day...

 This next one was from some random Netflix show I watched with Maggie Smith, who said:
Very few people realize they don't know what they feel until they're at least forty.

The show was a solid C+ B-, but I loved this quote.  

Sean and I were chatting deeply about art and religion one day and he said this:

Most of what I do creatively is a reaction to what I see.

And i liked it.  I don't know if that's the origin of my creativity. I think it comes from the magical well of goo my brain swims merrily around in.

In our house we have a love/hate relationship with Costco.  I hate it, and I love to never ever go there.   It sux.   Sean doesn't feel the hate quite so much and therefore is more likely to comply to go but he still doesn't have the time of his life.  We just don't live the Costco kind of lifestyle. Like Walmart, it's soul-sucking. Anyway, this exchange took place. Also, it should be known that for Christmas Sean received an automatic M&M dispenser and it's the best invention of all humankind (get it here). I only like the mint M&Ms though and was pestering Sean about it:
JEN: Did you find mint M&M's at Costco?

SEAN: No. Even if I did it would be a 10-pack of pound bags.

heh heh.  Makes me chuckle.  10-pack of pound bags...   I just like the sound of it.
One day I complained a bit about the kitchen, expressing a desire to leave it, and Sean thoughtfully remarked:

I always thought that the kitchen was some kind of machine you have to plug yourself into to make it go.  And everyone has their station... like the Flintstone car.

I have so many quotes. I need to just publish this before it gets massive. Before I do, this came from earlier today. Julian and I were snacking (in the kitchen) and I said to him, "let's talk about Julian."  I told him how we had decided on his name (it's a cute story: it was the ONLY boy name both of us liked. But right from the beginning. "Julian?"  "I love Julian."  "Yeah, me too."  *every baby name conversation thereafter unnecessary*)  

I told him how I'd called him T-Rex before he was born because he would roll around in my belly and was probably snarling too.  He then explained:

Yeah, sorry about that.  I was just playing bowling and made myself into a bowling ball.


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