Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Things I Eat 2012

Last night I took a knife and dove head first into a jar of peanut butter.  Using a round-tip knife (safety first) I scooped a generous dollop of PB and began to declare to all who would hear, how much I loved it.  I was then struck by a thought-- why, this must be my peanut butter phase! I'm in it again! How long has it been?  So i ran to my blog to refer, as I often do, and found this post.  Sure enough, 3 years later, I'm in another peanut butter phase. I love how scientifically cyclical this is, like an eclipse, and just as spectacular.

I read the rest of the post and thought it would be interesting (but I could be very wrong) to list all the things i currently eat, 3 years later, to see if my habits and tastes have changed much. I guess we'll have to take into account the seasonal factor. Let us begin, and keep that other post open to refer to, will you?

Things I might have for breakfast:

These days I like some plain yogurt, unsweetened fancy pants granola from the ye olde bagel shoppe down the road, with some honey and maybe some berries.  Granola is one of those things i looove homemade.  Glad i can now buy some pretty good stuff that i'm pretty sure is homemade somewhat locally.  No, i will never make it myself. Don't be crazy.

yogurt drink--regular or greek style if i'm feeling bold and need an extra pick-me-up.

but guess what? I never eat other yogurts anymore--the individual ones.  Weird eh?   What happened? I guess the drinkable yogurt is what happened. Revolutionary! (and pretty old news)

Cereal-- perhaps some cheerios (with honey, of course) or frosted mini wheats.

scrambled eggs--not as common

Things I might have for lunch:

I usually eat scraps for lunch. Maybe some hummus and veggies, a slice of lunchmeat, or maybe a pb&j on round sandwich thins.

The problem with the jam is that i only like one specific kind. It is black raspberry made by Beth's Farm somewhere in New Jersey and by a sizable margin, ranks superior to all other jams. And each jar costs a whopping $8 and i can only get it at the Union Square farmers market.  So you can imagine the tragedy when I brought home 2 jars a couple of months ago and one fell and shattered and jammy glass went everywhere.  It was a gigantor mess, much like the time the full jar of applesauce crashed to the floor, but the loss of the jam still looms in our house and hearts.     Anyway, i ran out of my one jar the other day so we will eat NO jam until i can get back to the market.

Also: cheese & fruit, the steady and true love of my life.

Things I eat for dinner:

Salad, usually with some chicken, cucumbers, maybe some grape tomatoes, pears or apples, goat cheese (bleu is out--i don't know why), maybe some avocado if we're lucky.  Avocados bring me some aggravation, much like bananas.  There's pressure to eat it.  It's always shouting at me, "It's now or never!!"  Stresses me out. So i eat them all in one sitting or they all go bad and i shake my fist and say, "you won this round, avocados..."    even though in the end, we're all losers, for they never fulfilled their destiny.

Frozen Indian from Trader Joe's.  Don't forget the frozen naan. YES.

Rice and beans, in a burrita bowl or tortilla


From the takeout menu:

1. Mexican from Maya Taqueria
2. Fish from Fish 'n Sip. So good. I'll get a tuna melt or tilapia. Or a salad that doesn't have any fish but has shaved sweet potato skins and artichokes. so good.
3. Thai from Song--best Thai ever and origin of my Thai food testimony.

But lately, what I want to eat most of the time are just provisions.  Maybe it's the summertime, maybe it's my laziness.  Or maybe it's that i like to say "provisions" that makes me love provisions; I really can't say.  But here's my favorite dinner:

A platter.  On it are:

slices of cheese, preferably havarti
soft cheese
avocado (again, if we're lucky)
cucumbers or sugar snap peas or peppers
apple or pear, maybe grapes
and my favorite crackers in all the land, the cracker that reigns supreme above all other crackers. Trader Joe's 12-grain mini crackers. Click here.   It's round, it has 12 grains, it's got this sweet'ish flavor but it isn't too much (it doesn't make me ill) and it's mini. In essence, the perfect cracker.

What I eat for dessert:

Basically what i eat for dessert is either ice cream or ice cream.  It's a must in our house these days. Just about every night. Sean is commanded offers to make a ganache and serves it up on vanilla or maybe some mint cookie and it's pretty much all i need in life.  Of course i'll eat treats now and then  at some event or something but in my house, that is what is happening.  I guess for dessert you could include a square of chocolate when i can get my hands on it, if by "dessert" you mean "first breakfast" and "all times of the day."  I truly believe chocolate is best first thing in the morning. And 2nd best last thing of the day.

As a bonus, the other night I gathered with friends to sit around a table and do a reading of 12 Angry Men.  There were 6 of us and we each had 2 characters.  YES.  Dream realized.  Anyway, we all brought some snackies and "provisions" you might say, and here's what I stuffed into my gullet that night:

2 mini candy bars
77 grapes
pickle-flavored potato chips
1 macaroon that weighed about 1 lb.
2 slices of strawberry cake
sparkly lemonade
red vines
1 sour watermelon

It was a good night.

And that's what I eat.



Original Kos said...

I've been heralding provisions high and low since our break through conversation on what we eat. I feel so free now. It's like, I eat provisions and that's what it is and I want to tell everybody that that's that. However, every few days I feel I need that lasagna or burrito or chicken soup to really feel full and like I've eaten a legitimate meal. It all works out. Oh, I love provisions. Necessary for nights of long strategic board game playing too.

Alanna said...

Some day, you and your family need to head out to Delicious Orchards. It's like a grocery store, only they only sell produce and baked goods and deli items. So, no boxes of cereal. But the stuff they sell is all AMAZING. Like, I sort of want to live there. And every time I go, I think I could be so healthy if I just only ate stuff from this store. Until I eat their chocolate eclairs, which are the best I've ever had from anywhere. And then I realize that, no, I'd actually be fat if I lived there.

But I'd sure be happy.

Delicious Orchards. In Colt's Neck, New Jersey. Check it out!

)en said...

Oh man, i need to go to there. And I will.

Amen and amen, Kos. Breakthrough is right! I find that when I feel weird, food/tummy-wise, provisions right whatever's wrong.