Friday, January 15, 2016

Stormy with a C

Hello, friends. It's Friday today and to reward you for all of your hard work, I will share with you a funny story. Here it is:

I was lately chatting with two ladies about names.  Now, as you may know,  I dearly love my 4th most common female name of all time*.  People should like their name. If they don't, to me, that's a big bummer. One of these women I was talking to has two teenage daughters, one of which is named Jennifer. When I found out I cheered, gleeful to learn that people are still naming their children Jennifer. After all, according to this website, though less common now, it’s "still a sweet choice that’s traditional but not dated."  This is a positive statement, though I was hoping that one day it would become cool again as a retro-old lady name.  I'll give it time. When all of us Jennifers are 80, i'm sure that's what's going to happen and babies are being named after their cool grandmothers.  I can wait.

So, this woman named her now teenage daughter Jennifer, because, having grown up herself with an unusual name that was often difficult to pronounce, she wanted to give her a name everybody would know. We all agreed that it's on you to give your child a name that's pronounceable, and not other people's fault if they can't spontaneously pronounce your made-up language.

Side note here:  I am surprised how often it is that people find Julian's name unusual.  It may be no Thomas or Mary but c'mon. It's a legitimate name. And it's not like I named him Gyul'yehn.  Also? They can't pronounce it. People struggle, often calling him "Jillian."  Jillian is a girl's name.  J-[short i sound] -ih-ll-eee-yun. Julian: J-oooo-l-eee-yun. I am patient but perplexed, nonetheless.

But anyway, that got us talking about the weirdest names we'd ever come across.  This is always a fun conversation. My favorite was from the other woman in the group who told us how she came across many strange names in her line of work as a nurse when she worked in the pediatric triage.  A nurse confusedly called out the next patient's name--  "Cuh...Cuh-tormy?" And the nurse was harshly corrected:

"It's Stormy, with a C." 

Yes, friends. Her name is Ctormy.  You know, with a C.  The other spelling. HAHA! I was so delighted.   Stormy is a weird name already. You've already got your unusual name. Did you really have to take it a step further?  Did you?  But they did and this line has been ringing jovially in my brain ever since this conversation.  Also, I've sort of adopted Cuh-tormy as an alias of mine. I'll just add it to the list, shall I.  So funny. 

*according to some random website I clicked on.

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