Friday, January 22, 2016

Things of Today

I was sitting at a stool reading and Sean came in to tell me about things he'd been reading.  The latest article was on expiration dates and how they're kind of arbitrary.  Sometimes they're meant for the consumer, sometimes for the store, or the product, or whatever.  Most places don't even have laws that require them except, for example, Montana, where you have to basically toss your milk after five days no matter what.  This is what Sean said to me anyway, or what I heard, as I was 87% listening, because it's really hard to redirect my attention from things especially when they're funny and what I was reading really was-- it was the "see friendship" tab on a friend's FB page and we are hilarious. 

But I was totally 87% into what he was saying.  And I told him,

"I mean, I won't not eat something just because it expired. At least recently. Of course, it depends on the food.  And I agree with you [with what he's said before], when in doubt, just follow your nose."

To which Sean solemnly replied, "you agree with Gandalf, Jen, not with me."

And I just sat, stunned, and laughed.

This morning Julian was eager to help me clean. Once he gets going he is unstoppable.  I don't really know why this is. I wonder if it's because I've lazily deprived him of a regular work schedule so that I fooled him into thinking it's fun and something desirable.  Then again, he gets to use the hand vacuum and who doesn't love that?   He also did dishes, vacuumed with the vacuums large and small, and cleaned his bathroom entirely himself.   At one point I needed to clean the kitty litter and was sweeping the floor. The problem is that kitty likes the broom and comes to attack it. So i needed Julian to vacuum while i was sweeping so as to scare off the cat. Then, I accidentally knocked over the container of litter which was a cat-saster of epic proportions--dumped a huge heap-- and shouted "Keep vacuuming! don't turn it off!!  AAHH keep him away!"  while i hand-scooped it back in the container and then swept the rest for Julian to vacuum.  It was just bananas.

Coming home from school today I was walking alone, thinking my thoughts and soaking up as much vitamin D as I could, when I encountered a Real Live Crazy.  I know! It had been so long.  It was a young guy, maybe a teenaged punk in a tiny red convertible sports car and he was shouting at me in the manner of a World War Z zombie as he passed.  He sounded exactly like that. And he did that all the way down the street.  First I was pleased to meet a Crazy.  Second I was annoyed, like, shut up.  Third, I wondered if he was having a seizure and hope he made it home alright.

And that is what's happened so far today. If anything else amazing takes place I'll be sure to update this post because, wow, what a day already.

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