Tuesday, December 08, 2015



Ashley said...

I love this. I love that boy, but I also miss that chubby baby!

)en said...

Meeee tooooo.
Thanks for the comment! 😉

Alanna said...

Not gonna lie-- I totally thought this was going to be another pregnancy announcement. I'm glad I scrolled through the entire thing before I started offering up hearty congratulations and such.

But, having said that-- I'm so glad you got Julian. It was a little embarrassing how excited I was when Natalie told me you were expecting, considering I've never even met you and know nothing about your reproductive situation (which is how it should be). I was jumping up and down. Possibly shedding tears. He's an awesome kid that you got there! Now, can you pleeeeeeeaaaaaase repost the awesome video of your belly growing that you used when you announced Julian's impending arrival???

Sean said...

This post is amazing. Now do MY life start to finish!