Monday, December 07, 2015

Idea Alert

As I sat in church the other day watching two girls gesticulate and pantomime to one another across the room in attempt to articulate a conversation, I leaned over to Sean and said, "man, wouldn't it be so great if everyone learned sign language? and then you could talk to your friends across the room with ease?"

And I was struck. Everyone should learn sign language! Because there are enough hearing-impaired or deaf people in the world and guess what, this is their only language. It's not like they can just learn yours. You have to learn theirs.  Many read lips and speak but still. I just think it would be great. BeCAUSE... (and this is really my real reason, because I'm shallow and self-absorbed) then you could talk to your friend from across the room! I mean, how many times are you split up from your buddy in a huge crowd and you need to communicate so you both use wild gestures and mouth the words as huge as you can, shouting fruitlessly, only to have to give up trying and walk to each other to finally deliver the message? If everyone knew sign language, you could stay exactly where you are and just transfer to sign and voila! Message communicated.  

And think of all the jokes that could be shared when you're, again, in a room and split up from your pal and something weird happens or something is said that requires a quiet reaction with your pal. Does this happen as often for you as for me? I'm always hearing things that cause a tickled stir in my heart and I must turn to someone--anyone.  Often I need only catch eyes but how much better if you could catch eyes AND share a joke?  Sigh. So many potential moments have gone unprosperous.

 Just as there are various second language immersion options, this should be required, in all in schools. Someone tell the people in charge.  I mean, am i right?? Best idea ever. 

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