Thursday, July 16, 2015


I made some art the other day at a museum. I was pretty pleased.  I tried to take a picture of it on the paint table. The overhead light was pretty bright. I had to take it at an angle so as to not have a shadow of my hands directly over my painting. Here is my art:

Here's a picture of my shadow taking a picture of my painting on the paint table.


And that's when I realized the shadow was much better than my painting.  I also realized the paint table was probably the best painting of everything there, but I failed to get a picture just of that.

Sean told me for an art class once, everyone brought something to show and they would all participate in a group critique.  One person had made some kind of art and cut it out of paper.  Sean said the paper was sitting on the table and the table, wood and worn, dented with traces of ink, appearing through the round hole where the art student had cut, was amazing.  It was a little disheartening for them to realize that the best art there was that bit of table, framed by the leftover piece of paper.  Which is kind of what I felt at this museum. But I choose to see it that maybe I didn't make art, but I did find it, in the end.


Joel said...

My first thought as your finger silhouette came into view: "Spider!"

)en said...

Yeah what up with that? Apparently I have spider hands when I take a pic. It's sort of the elegant way. See that pinky? I bet that's how the queen takes pics.