Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Conjoined twins and other important things

So for dinner Sean made some pork chops, mashed potatoes and green beans and also this brown gravy puree stuff.  Which was crazy because I had seen him cooking up the apples, mushrooms and onions but forgot all about them when we sat down to eat.  And there they were, in an unrecognizable yet delicious form. 

JEN: This gravy stuff is so good. And it's like, substantial. If you couldn't chew you could eat this and still get real food. That's pretty cool.

SEAN: Yes. And it's a puree, not a gravy.

JEN: Yeah.  And i guess, people DO eat like that but it kind of sucks for them.  Still, *full mouth, chewing food* it sounds ok to me. [because it's delicious, see]

SEAN: If your mouth was wired shut, it seems you'd miss food, you'd miss texture. 

JEN, thoughtfully: There must be something to chewing.

SEAN: I saw this study people were doing on two-headed snakes...

JEN: Go on...

SEAN: They would feed one head but the other head was still hungry even though its stomach was full. The other head wanted to eat. 

JEN: Yeah. I wonder if that's the same for conjoined twins. 

SEAN: Maybe. Depends on what organs they share, I guess.    I haven't thought about conjoined twins in a long time...

And that's when I opened up my computer to document this conversation. I've been relaying it to Sean to make sure I get all and told him where I'd left off, that that final line was what i wanted to get to. And he then said,  "I think we used to talk about conjoined twins all the time. It's one of your favorite topics.."  which just makes me laugh. I don't know if that's true, but also, I don't know if it's not true.

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