Sunday, May 17, 2015

Birthday Lady

It's my mom's birthday today. She is the BEST.  We love her. To celebrate, we made her a cake and decorated it in just the adorablest way you could imagine. I went through ye olde journal, found some good gems, rolled them and inserted them into little balloons and had ourselves a jolly good time.  Happy birthday to YOU, Mom.

Dec. 28 1993[Listing Christmas presents] I got some little stickers that say my name and address that you put on letters to people. I've always wanted those. Mom really paid
Thanks for paying attention so you knew EXACTLY what kind of gift to give me, Mom.

February 12, 1994
Yesterday I got one of those root beer float popsicles and I put my mouth on it and my top and bottom lip stuck there. For good. Mom poured warm water over it and I just pulled my mouth off. It hurt like a badger.
Thanks for all the warm water you’ve poured over hurts throughout the years, Mom. 

March 2, 1994
On Tuesday, I felt extra, extra bad. My temperature was 102 and my throat killed. Mom looked down it and my tonsils were just COVERED with white. I don't know what it is. We went down to the doctor because Mom thought it was strep. Well, it wasn't strep, so the doc suspected it was Mono.
Thanks for being willing to do disgusting things for the benefit of others, Mom. 

October 7, 1994
We FINALLY got Jurassic Park! Mom brought it home yesterday. I've seen it twice since then.
Thanks for bringing home Jurassic Park, Mom. There you are again, paying attention.

June 3, 1996
Jon is on Heritage Tours.  Mom made me write a letter to him today from the family.  Yeah, like I know what to say.  "Hi Jon, how are you.  Hmmmm.."  That’s pretty much it. 
Thanks for making me write letters, Mom. Boy, I really owe you one.

June 5, 1996
Mom and Jeremy are now moving a new bed into my room.  Wow.  Maybe I should help. Naah.   
Thanks for getting me new beds mom, and moving them for me. I’ll help next time I promise. 

November 5, 1997
Mom is vacuuming and it sounds like a dang dump truck. I'm all, EARTHQUAKE!!!!, just mom vacuuming. Oop, she stopped.
Thanks for all the cleaning, Mom. Sorry I didn’t help out more.

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