Friday, March 13, 2015

Would You Rather Friday

It's BACK! I just spent the better part of anyone's day reading through old Would You Rathers and laughed my bum off. I am hil-arious! And it made me excited to do another one. So I made Sean go out into the garage and search for the deck of cards. After a minute I went down to help him and as I was reaching for the doorknob, he opened it from the other side. Without even having to pause, instinctively I put my hands up in a claw-like "rawrr" position, because it was a prime scare moment. Again, it was purely instinctual. And scare him I did.   Sean always yell-growls when I scare him and it is SO GOOD. He then asks why? whyyyy? He really hates it. Lucky for him I did not include a yell with my scare, as I usually do, which would have rendered him unconscious with fear.  I told him the situation, how it couldn't be helped. I think he understood.

Also, it's another Friday the 13th today. I'm going to pay special attention to things that happen and document them. Let's see what comes of this second, consecutive Friday the 13th, making it extra eerie. 

Would you rather...

Have to sleep 2 nights per week in a bed with a full cup of cracker crumbs and a full cup of coarse sand poured inside -OR- walk around all day, 2 days per month, with grape jelly in your shoes?

Is it just me or is this one really complicated?  A FULL cup of cracker crumbs and coarse sand?  I think I'm going to choose the grape jelly. 2 days per month sounds a lot less unpleasant than 2 nights per week and I think if i just kept my shoes on all day, i'd eventually forget about the grape jelly. And i can think of worse things to let my feet saturate in all day. 

Would you rather go to lousy open-mike comedy clubs every night of the week -OR- go to embarrassing karaoke bars every night of the week?

AAAH karaoke bars!! Comedy clubs are the pits. I haven't been to many but i struggle to really laugh at stand-up comics.  The thing is, it doesn't take much to make me laugh so why pay money to watch someone perform scripted jokes?  Plus, karaoke is fun! I've never actually done it for realsies, like at a super public place, but i would! Who wants to go do this with me?

Would you rather...

As a man, date a woman who has a thick, non-shavable mustache -OR- date one who is seven feet tall? 

As a hypothetical man, I am betting most men would rather date a seven-foot tall woman. She's an amazon! I feel like being with a woman taller than you, (as a man) isn't such a big deal anymore. At least for the secure ones, which I would be.  Any men want to weigh in? Am i right?

Would you rather run 20 miles in 68-degree weather -OR- 8 miles in 100-degree weather?

I don't really know. To me, all this questions is asking is if I'd rather die or die.  Running in 100 degrees sounds terrible. But running 20 miles sounds really bad too.  But also, so does running.  Let me ask:  Can something be chasing me? Because I could probably run sort of far if that were the case. I need some motivation, man. Any actual runners want to weigh in?

Would you rather be ridiculed by an adult until your feelings are hurt -OR- by a child until your feelings are hurt? 

What the hey? This question is so weird.  I guess I'd choose a child. They are less accountable and also, i'm taller than he/she is, AND I can drive, so there

Here's another man question:

Would you rather, as a man, find out that your fly was open all day -OR- that your shirt tail was out, you missed a belt loop and your pant leg was stuck inside the top of your sock?

What, are these just the most humiliating nightmare scenarios for a man? I mean, the 2nd one is just good comedy! If you came home and realized this then you'd either a) have a good laugh at what a mess you are or b) be unfazed because if ALL of that was going on, you probably don't care to dress yourself so carefully in the first place.  Or it's indicative of a certain kind of day where far worse things were entailed. Besides, the belt loop happens to me pretty much every time i wear a belt. It's like buttoning up a cardigan. I can't not miss-align the buttons. It's really weird. I can try really hard and no matter what, they WILL be out of alignment. I have just given up. 

Would you rather have to catch every fish in a 100x100 foot pond -OR- have to find a needle in a 25x25 foot room filled 4 feet high with gelatin dessert.

Umm.. you had me at "room filled with gelatin dessert."   Just yesterday i was explaining to Julian what a fantasy is. The examples I gave were living in a jello house or having a replicator in my home. He agrees with me that living in a jello house would, indeed, be the "dream of dreams!"

What say you?


Joel said...

1. Grape jelly all the way. My favorite jelly.
2. I've never been to either, but I feel the karaoke would be more entertaining. And everyone could kind of laugh along with each other.
3. I always wanted to date a really tall girl.
4. I guess I've actually done both of these. I'd feel overheated in both situations (I dislike running when it's over 60), so I might choose the 8 miles to finish more quickly.
5. Child. They'll forget about it eventually.
6. I'll go with the fly here. It's more embarrassing to the observer than to the person with the pants.
7. I like fishing.

)en said...

Excellent. :D