Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Friday the 13th Review

I wrote this at the close of the actual day and this is how far I got. I can't actually remember any details from the rest of the day, but given such an ominous beginning, we can imagine what the rest might have been like. 

)en's log: Date 03/13/15.799342

The day started weird already with what sounded like demons trapped inside our walls, clawing to get out. Turns out it was probably only raccoons.  I still hear it every now and then.

I woke up with a cold worse than the day before. My right nostril completely closed up with my left one feebly trying to make do, unsuccessfully. Therefore I had to sleep the night with my mouth open which resulted in the expected and highly loathed mouth full o' gunge.  Also had lots of weird dreams, none of which I can recall.

When I got dressed this morning I subconsciously dressed entirely in black. First i put on a new pair of black flared jeans. After debating whether or not these have successfully "come back," in my cold-induced dazed, I searched for a top. I grabbed a black shirt and it felt right, though I hadn't originally intended on adorning myself so bleakly.  I topped off the look by trying out a new tube of orange lip gloss I'm determined to make work on me, without any other makeup. The bright lip on such a pasty canvas could be quite a frightening experience, depending on whether you're looking at me or not.

I stepped out this morning into eerie quiet.  The bright sun gleamed across the azure sky, accompanied by the sound of chirping birds, a rustle of a lazy wind and not a single other person in sight. *shudder*

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