Monday, March 02, 2015

Big Ideas

I have often considered myself sort of an idea person. I think I have some pretty good ideas now and then. Now, I'm not great at executing said ideas, and I don't even want to be in charge. I want someone else to carry it all out.  But I dream big and I want those dreams to become reality.  So I share them. I share them on my blog. Because you just never know.

A few days ago I had two big ideas and they both occurred in the car on the freeway as we listened to my 60's Oldies radio station on Pandora.

1. I said to Sean, "You know what they should do? Have a Battle of the Bands reality show. They'll get famous bands and assign them all the same song to cover, in their own way, their own style. I'm thinking Coldplay, Moby, and whoever else. And then people can vote on their favorite version!"  

Isn't this a great idea?? It is, right?  We were listening to such songs as Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, and My Guy  My Guy in particular is a great song that could use a really crazy re-vamp.  

2. Driving in silence and then Sean said, "I keep thinking about how I would re-do the _____s' living room. It's just not quite there yet."   (Identity undisclosed so as not to offend.)

And then he explained in great detail what he would do with the _____s' living room, with their existing furniture.  He's just SO good at looking at a room and knowing how to set up the furniture. He takes careful consideration of the layout, can eyeball measurements, and if there's furniture already there, can immediately mentally rearrange it so it's a better, more suitable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing layout.  

This idea is a business venture. I have decided to hire him out. I guess this is what interior designers already do but he's got such a sharp and intelligent eye for it and along with being extremely artistic, he has a highly mathematical/nerd brain for it as well.  It's like a science. 

Anyway, so help me think of a name and if you need a revamp of the layout of your rooms, give us a call.  Extra charge if you want him to find pieces for you, like a Navajo woven rug as a wall hanging, which he's been on the hunt for for quite some time. Right now all i've got is The Re-organizer.  Or The Re-doer. Or The Spin Doctor (that one just came to me).

3. Those are my two million dollar ideas.  The 3rd item is just a bonus item that has nothing to do with ideas. It happened tonight as I was perusing the abyss that is Netflix. I really don't mean to be so critical but it was just us, in our home, and it made me laugh because it was another example of very atypical Sean explosiveness.

Jen: When did Jake Gyllenhal get so buh-ugly? 

Sean, from the other room:    Since BIRTH.  That guy is HORRIBLE.  He's just like the guy who looks like me.

"guy who looks like me," aka "loathsome actor who shall not be named" because Sean SO hates being compared to him is none other than Toby Maguire.  He's gotten it a lot. 

Do you see it?

To close, a Sean quote that, again, has to do with my pandora music. This time the station was Coldplay. I looove analyzing Coldplay. I fantasize of having sit-down meetings with Chris Martin and telling him what goes wrong in his songs. I feel like I know what he's thinking. Sometimes he's so close. And other times he misses the mark completely. And I can help him, I know I can. 

Anyway, the station is not great and all of a sudden a slew of 90's "hits" came on (did anything good come out of the 90's, musically? Other than Cranberries, i mean).  I can't remember what song it was but after my initial "BLEGHH" and intentions to thumbs down it Sean said, calmly, as if he read it somewhere,  but did not:

Ah, yes. Extroverted rock music.  Singing to themselves and to the hot chicks in the front row.

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