Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Things I Eat: 2014

This morning I was puttering around the kitchen (does that make you imagine someone taking small steps and making short motorboat noises or something?  If not, me neither, i was just asking.) trying to figure out what to eat. I got these great hot dog buns that are actually wheat bread cut hot dog style. Thanks again, Trader Joe's!  Anyway, the bummer is that the hotdogs I bought were gross. Is there any kind of hotdog NOT the fatty fathead kind that isn't gross? Does trying to find one completely strip, deplete the nature and identity of a hotdog? I almost feel guilty now, for eating a more healthful version. Like i've perverted the intended purpose and natural order of a hotdog. It's's not right.

But anyway, the upside is that these buns are great for making a fun long sandwich.  I stood there thinking and here and there these days--not frequently-- i've tried the peanut butter. And I tried it again today-- no dice. I almost gagged.  It did not go down easy. I feel like sufficient time has passed for another peanut butter phase so that's why i've been trying it out but every time I am repulsed.  So i came to my blog to check and sure enough, i've got another year to go. Premature, Jen. Premature. Don't rush these things.  You can't rush science.  So i'll put it away and just let nature take its course.

So, to compare and contrast to the last time, here's a list of the things I eat as of this moment, 2014:


Breakfast is tricky these days. Since i last reported, I have discovered that eating breads and flours makes me sad, so there goes white flour and whatnot, for the most part.

 I do have alternate versions, like this crazy flat pancake made out of almond meal that i'm crazy about, but it's super off the beaten pancake path. It's fantastic though.

But as for more mainstream stuff, i stick mostly to smoothies and eggs. Occasionally an egg on toast.  But smoothies are just about daily.  I need my morning fruits and vegs.  I know, everyone is doing it, and I am too.  I'm not too crazy though.  Just your standard kefir, spinach, carrot juice, bananas, and frozen fruit smoothie.


Pretty much consistent with two years ago. These days, lunch consists of whatever vegetables are in the fridge and fruit also.  Apples, pears, peas, cucumbers, carrots and peppers are my go-to. Maybe some cheese.  I really do eat an exorbitant amount of fruit. But that's fine, right? All the better for me, right? (right?)


I hate dinner. Hate making dinner. Hate dealing with it. Since i have a 9pm bedtime (goal-wise anyway), i am on a completely different digestive schedule.  So i eat at about 5:30.   Since i'd rather die a torturous death than meal plan, dinner is very simple or delicious take out.    I actually did meal plan yesterday and set out to TJ's to embark on what has to be one of THE WORST days of my Brooklyn life.  No need to go into it but here's a screen cap (just typed "scrap")  to sum it up:


Yesterday I met a friend on the sidewalk for a chat and I just love throwing out things like, "Oh, better go, we've got a crockpot going..."  (which doesn't make sense since crockpot = never think again, but i had to turn it down. one last step.) and then she says with raised eyebrows, "Oh, DO you!"  and we laugh.  I've learned that one of the ways I handle mom life is to make fun of it and my place in it as much as possible. We all have our mechanisms, right?  Sometimes I make casseroles for people just to say, "I just thought i'd bring over a casserole."  It's the same one every time-- tuna.  And actually it's the same person. (Holla, Suvi.)

So here's a vague list of what i'm having this week:

  • Crockpot chicken and rice stuff
  • Tacos with pork or something?
  • Sloppy joes with cole slaw just for Sean. I got shredded broccoli and cabbage and carrots. And beets. That's enough for a slaw, right?   What IS slaw, anyway. And why does it have that horrible name. 
  • Baked ziti-type thing.  With basil from my own pot(!!)  We've recently begun a windowsill garden. This is a big deal because I'm the worst at plant-growing. But Julian and i planted some seeds and it was amazing the way these new green things carried us into the spring. They have brought us a lot of joy. And we've added yet another skill to Sean's already lengthy list of things he's naturally good at: gardener/plant arranger? Horticulturist?  Someone please give me the word for this that i know must exist. It's not even in my vocabulary. Anyway, we even bought a hanging bowl and put some thyme and basil in it. We're hoping they intertwine and create a new herbrid (--see what i JUST did there?)  We're calling it thasil. 



These days I enjoy a nighttime rootbeer float. I'm kind of into experimenting the many different varieties of rootbeer out there. It is quite enjoyable.
Otherwise, I also enjoy an ice cream cone.  Or a brownie. Or anything. The other day i made the BUHGLiest banana cream pie because i had such a hankering. The color of it was of the rotting flesh hue, with a slight tinge of green?  But if that's what rotting flesh tastes like, sign me up. It was delish. 

That wraps up this edition of What Jen Eats.  Check back next year to find out about that peanut butter and what else I'm eating, or doing, or thinking about.



Alanna said...

Going to an uber-crowded Trader Joe's in New York somewhere (I'm not sure which one it was) totally turned Natalie off of the whole idea of the place. I made her go with me to ours here so she could see what a joyous experience it could be. I think I fed her orange chicken, too. At least, I hope I did...

As always, your blog delights me.

Unknown said...

1. buhgliest=favorite word in the galaxy.
2. I give TJ's hot dog buns a big ol wtf. seriously what is going on there.
3. meal planning?! wow! what is happening over there!
4. lol: night time root beer float?! there's that 13 year old boy i love.
<3 sister cook

Valerie said...

Girl, have you tried Hebrew National hot dogs? They're kosher, so, in case you didn't know, they answer to a higher authority. I do not exaggerate that they are they only hot dogs I eat. Not too healthy (bleh, I'd eat kale if I wanted that), but not "what the H did I just ingest". A perfect combination.

Those weirdo hot dog buns are Boston exports. That's how hot dog buns are done here. Because it's a weird, weird place. Blame Boston.

I hate dinner. I'm really more of a lunch person. Less pressure. I can eat it standing up while watching Fraiser. When I was pregnant with Edie, James worked in TV and ate at work EVERY NIGHT, which left me free to do whatever I wanted (i.e. drink a bottle of sparkling apple cider and eat some bagel chips). Now, however, there are 2 people who want/need dinner=disaster.

Dinner's the pits.

Annie said...

I can't tell you why I'm fascinated by what other people feed themselves, but I sure love to know. I'm always curious what it actually looks like behind someone else's door throughout the day. The eating log is just a nice little glimpse.