Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dear Mother: A Song Letter

I have all these potential Mother's Day posts and no time/brain power to give them all that I would want.  But I do have this one. And maybe i'll just extend this day to all week. Mother Week. Or something. Probably just "regular week" since they mostly have to do with Julian and i'd post them anyway.

My feelings on Mother's Day:  I honestly have never cared for the day as it pertains to me as a mother or even woman. I don't need a day for that. I don't know why. I guess I already spend so much time celebrating myself that one specific day seems totally unnecessary and anti-climactic?  Like "oh, am i going to make this official now?"  No need.

BUT. I do love lovin' up on my own mom, the queen of all mothers who ever mothered on this, our Mother Earth.  (heh)  But for real. I love my mom and since the first gift I made for her in kindergarten (a decorated flower pot) I knew that this was something I could get behind.  Here's a photo of my mom at age twenty-three on the cusp of birthing eight children:

Love this pic.  I would make flower pots for you forever, Mom.  Actually what I try to do is collect flowers through April and press them in my giant atlas to make a card in May except THIS year there weren't any flowers in April. The few i pressed i gave to seminary students so we made cards then, mine of which is still in my bag, I am just remembering. Yaaay, go me.  Love you, Mom. 

Ok, here's the pic zoomed out a bit because my dad's too good to crop. (note to self: make that into a greeting card)

As for getting stuff, though, Julian made me a craft in preschool and it is rather adorable.  I loved it, buuut I don't know... does it beat getting a muffin? 

Here it is, a picture with a magnet on the back. He said he wasn't supposed to paint on it like that but he did it anyway. Rebel! And rightly so because it is the 2nd best thing about this, after his face. (3rd best--magnet)

For this post I'm going to feature something I made because if self-promotion isn't the name of blogs (and Mother's Day) then i don't know what is.   As you may know, I am a letter writing zealot.  I Love to write letters, and constantly preach the importance and practice of it to all who would be prevailed upon to listen. My hope and dream is to someday start up a website devoted to it but for now I'm just dreaming my dreams and compiling data.  I'll keep you posted.   But let it suffice that I devote a lot of time and energy to it, though not as much as I would like, to be honest. I have a mental list of people to write letters to and it's taking me far, far too long to get to it.

One day I sat down to write to my mom. This was sometime last year. Springtime, actually.  As I sat, staring at my blank stationery I thought, what can i do to make this special?  And one thought led to another and voila! I wrote out a song letter. A letter song.  A letter to be sung. To be sat on the piano and played and sung.  The tune is silly and I'm no lyricist but it's really just letter words set to music so that would make sense. In any case, I make myself chuckle.  Give it a try if you're so inclined, and sing a letter I wrote to my mom.  (don't miss the ending)

Happy Mother's Day to all. 


Joel said...

Mother's Day seems to be the holiday treated most indifferently by the people it's meant to celebrate.

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