Saturday, February 08, 2014

Let the 2014 Winter Olympic Games Blog Posts Begin!

I love the Olympics, but they seem to be getting weirder and weirder.  Like the circus.  Well, sort of. Instead of inhumane and cruel subjection of animals for sport, we watch cool athletes be awesome at things.  For the record, I liked a lot of the circus, but yeah, I don't think I can go to another one if I want a clear conscience.

Normally I kind of abhor sports worship, but I make exceptions for the Olympics which offers up a throwback "bringing the world together" kind of feeling particularly with events we never see/follow/have heard of.  To know there are people out there who work their arse off for something I've never heard of? It humbles me, in a way. Opens my eyes.  And suddenly I find myself seriously interested in learning more about curling.

Sean and I watched the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics and I suddenly remembered the importance of recording our comments (how could I forget?)  It's also funny because just a few days ago we were watching something and I said, "I wish I were more patriotic."  And then during the ceremonies, I realized I am probably at my most patriotic during the Olympics.  So thanks, Olympics, for bringing that back.

Anyway, here are the quotes:

1. Watching the various athletes from different countries walking out and waving their flags, it's always fun to see the ones with just a few athletes, or to see how many come from warm climate countries. We listened to some commentary (mistake) and how one country (British Virgin Island)'s only athlete was born there and raised in Vail, CO.

I said to Sean, "that's how to do it. How to be in the olympics!  Go have a kid in some rando-tiny country and then move somewhere and be like, "ok, now go be really good at a sport unavailable in your birth country."

Sean said, "or not even..  'you don't even have to be good at skiing, just better than someone who's never skied before.'"  

Now we're both mad at our parents for not foreseeing this possibility and making it happen. And now let me ask, was anyone born in Seychelles? but now lives in Vermont? Hurry up and learn luge!

2. There's a country called Chinese Taipei. ??? Does anyone know what the hey is going on with Taiwan and could you please solve the mystery for me once and for all??  Oh wait, I said in that post I didn't want to know. Nevermind.  Glad to meet you, "Chinese Taipei."  Since I find it highly unnerving when I come across a country I didn't know existed, I shall behave as if I've always known you and your residents otherwise known as Chinese Taipeians.

3. Since I can take or leave (LEAVE) Matt Lauer,  the TV was on mute.  When Russia's team finally came on the screen-- actually, I would do it all throughout the program in random intervals, I just couldn't help it-- I had to sing the theme song to Hunt For Red October.  Such a good theme song. Then Sean and I had a conversation about that.

"SUCH a good theme song."

"It's like one of the characters."

"It saves the scene and Sean Connery's lacking emotion."

I won't bother to tell you who said what.  Sometimes Sean and I are just of one mind.  But as I do with that song, (starting at 1:25) I couldn't stop once I started and I sang it throughout the remainder of the program and every time I'd glance up it gave it an extra ominous, menacing feel. I felt threatened in an olympic way.  

4. I decided that boring costumes are just boring.  And they shouldn't be classy because now I find that boring.  They should be crazy. Over the top.  Like Hunger Games.  Impress me.  Light people on fire for crying out loud! Dip them in liquid gold! C'mon, is it the olympics or not??   At the very least, as I mentioned, "C'mon, i'd like to see some fur.  It's the winter olympics!"   Then Team Russia came out and Sean exclaimed,

"Whoa! Santa Claus is coming to town."

Jen: Ha ha! I was asking for fur but that wasn't quite what I had in mind.

This was the best pic I could find. 

I do, however, enjoy the USA's funny sweaters.  Reminiscient of this style.

Well, that's about all I have.  I didn't watch it all because blood runs through my veins, not electricity, and, like all humans, i eventually needed sleep.  (this is my failure joke way of saying it was loooooong)

What did you like? What's your favorite event? Yesterday we went ice skating at Prospect Park at a new facility called Lakeside.  It was fun and as I skated around I realized that one of my events could seriously be... not figure skating.  Speed skating.   But then my toe caught the ice and I flailed my way to the wall.   Curse that I wasn't born in Barbados! (for many reasons)

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Valerie said...

It is like Ralph Lauren took a page from your book with those sweaters. Do you think he reads the blog?

I like slope style, though I'm less into the skiing version of it. Two skis? Looks weird.