Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Post-Easter Post

A happy Easter to one and all.

How was yours? Mine was fine. Does anyone else feel a little bit ripped off when it's a March Easter? March, February's ugly and vindictive twin, doesn't seem worthy of Easter.  But whatever, we make do.

Here are some pictures. OnyourmarkgetsetGO:

First, the Easter outfit.  Someone asked me if we got clothes for one another as a family Easter thing and I said, "no... well, i might get something for myself and call it an Easter _____."   And i don't necessarily make it a point to dress Julian in Easter garb unless it's this gem, but then I thought, he needs new clothes, why not?

Julian has mastered the Smoldering Easter look.  Work it, buddy.



Handsome little Easter Grump.   I'm pretty sure on my sad days, you'll find me kneeling on the floor of his room, just holding those yellow pants and feeling better by the minute.

And the hunt:

And the world's teeniest Easter basket:

Hey, it fit a jelly bean or two.
And yes, we eat our Easter candy in the nude. Doesn't everyone?

And the Big Basket.  Thanks again, Jacques. See ya next year, pal.

On Saturday we meandered through a farmers market and picked up some coconut macaroons. p.s. is it macarons or macaroons, and why?  Anyway, I ate one or seven and remembered how much I frigging looove macaro(o)ns and wondered how easy would they be to make?  So i looked it up and turns out, VERY.  And i had the ingredients on hand which is nothing short of miraculous.  So we whipped up some little macaro(o)n nests with a solitary egg. Mini-dinosaur eggs, probably.  And while they were delicious and adorable and so so easy, I still can't help but vomit in my mouth a bit when I see a bunch of eggs together, resembling a word I can't even type because it still repulses me to my very core.

But once I get over it, mmm, delicious:

So on the same day we bought some Easter clothes, we checked out the shoes.  Here is Julian trying on some amazing shoes.   NO, they aren't girl shoes. Why would you even say that?

Alright, fine. Yes, they are girl shoes. But look at them!

a) they make my life infinitely more happy, b) I'm rabid with jealousy that they aren't mine and c) H&M girl stuff is so much better than boy.  Plus, Julian is totally metro. He can rock it.

And rock them he will because get them we did.

Lastly, here is probably my favorite thing about Easter 2013.  We bought this poor sucker at the farmer's market as well:

Devouring him during our Easter feast unintentionally yet delightfully turned into some kind of morbid ritual.  I laid him on the bread board and we bore into the sacrificial bread bunny/teddy. bready?

With jam, anyone? 

Happy Easter!


Joel said...

Am I the only one mildly terrified by this entire post? Anyone?

)en said...

Terrified in a lovable way though, right? Much like the bread bunny.

Pedersen Posse said...

My favorite sentence: "And rock them he will because get them we did." Masterful.

Brooke said...

Julian's got quite a smolder.

Alanna said...

I was laughing so hard reading this post. I can't decide which I love more-- Julian's awesome yellow pants, or the look he gives you as he's wearing them. Either way, I was jealous. I couldn't rock yellow pants that well!

The bread bunny was a bit scary. But the jam made it awesome.