Sunday, April 24, 2011

Are you a rabbit person?

(The text in this post is from a website Sean stumbled upon, 100% by internet chance)

Rabbits make wonderful companions for the right people. 

[thanks again, amberbop!]

Are you the right kind of person to live with a rabbit?  Answer the following questions to see if you and a rabbit would make a good match. 

  • Are you patient?

  • Do you have a sense of humor? 

  •  Do you enjoy watching the movements and learning the language of another species?

  •  Are you comfortable spending time and playing with an animal (a rabbit) ?

  • Are you not overly fussy with your furniture and home?

  • Do you want a rabbit companion for the next 7-15 years?

If you answered yes to several of these questions, read on!

  • Rabbits can be litter-box trained.  They are very clean.  They are very quiet!

  • Rabbits can live to be 7 to 15 years old if indoor housing and proper diet and medical care are provided. Annual exams are recommended.  No vaccinations are needed. 

  • Rabbits are inquisitive, sociable, curious and amazing animals.  They need social interaction.

  • They make wonderful indoor companions.  They can get along with other animals in the household.  Some rabbits prefer adults to children.

  •  Rabbits need to be spayed or neutered to protect their health and to reduce over population.  Altering can also eliminate problem behaviors, such as spraying or excessive digging. [yikes]

  • Some rabbits do not like to be held, others do….  They may prefer to sit beside you.

  • Rabbits like to play with toys, such as cardboard boxes, wire cat balls, hard plastic, baby keys, untreated willow baskets. 

  • They like being part of a family, not just set aside and  played with on occasion.  They are very smart, alert and curious – they like many things we do:  music, even TV!

  • Rabbits need to have things of their own to chew on (or they might nibble on your stuff): for example, untreated wood, wooden children’s toys (unpainted), apple tree branches, or willow toys.

(or a foam mace)

  • Rabbits need to be protected from predators, poisons, temperature extremes, electrical cords, and any rough handling.  Playtime with little children must be supervised by a responsible adult. 

Rabbits need fresh hay, water, high-fiber quality pellets and veggies to prevent illness..

  • The shrill sound of a child’s voice is sometimes difficult for rabbits to tolerate because their sense of hearing is acute. Rabbits may also be frightened by the barking of a dog or other loud sounds.

  • Rabbits can purr when contented.  Some like to give little kisses, be held, run and play, jump in the air.  They are gentle, joyful little friends.

    Happy Easter!


Ashley said...

1. LOVED this.
2. After I watched the last video, youtube kindly gave me the option of also viewing a clip called "Julian popping a balloon with his a**." Not your little bunny, I'm guessing.

Amber Alvarez said...

I could live very well with a rabbit. Can I have the next one? Mahaps you want to trade up? You can keep the next one and I'll party with Julian babe.

Kim said...

What a handsome little bunny you have there! I'm enchanted by his way of getting around.

Ashley said...

I know I already commented, but I canNOT get over the picture of J-man in the cardboard box.

Annie said...

What the hey?! I have never seen that move. Amazing. Love "the text".

lindsey v said...

I'm glad you realized he's a bunny before too long into his life.

)en said...

Haha.. that may happen, ash. If it does, i'll try to video it.

Yeah, the box pic gets me too. I think he was in real duress. Too bad, gotta snap the pic.

Amber, how about we just share this one? A Julian co-op if you will. Or Rabbit co-op (/coop).

Silly rabbit...

Brooke said...

Love. It.