Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Dialogue

Suffering from a monster headache, I made Sean comb my hair with his nails one evening and I began rambling about how I should make Julian comb my hair some more (he has been into it lately and it's awesome) and how, growing up, i never made the connection that I love it because my mom does too. That it could be a genetic thing or something, because the older I get--as they say-- I discover more things I have in common with my mother.  But then I said, "well, but then, who doesn't like getting their head touched.." And Crazy Sean reminded me that he, in fact, doesn't.  Massages, nothing. I know, right? WHAT? And he went into it a little bit and, though it's nothing new, I replied, aghast:

I can't believe it, you don't need physical touch! You repel it!

Sean: I feel like i relax less... with it.

Jen: Bah! I'm so the opposite.

Sean: It introduces more unknowns and I can't relax.

Jen: Unknowns? What, like all of a sudden I'm going to produce a razor blade and slice your scalp!

Sean: exactly!  And that, by the way, is exactly what telling stories is like with Julian.  Just as I'm winding down he'll throw out, "and then there was a knock at the door!"     Or I'll say, "and then Julian came home and went to bed"  a he'll interrupt with "...but his bed wasn't there!"

And I laughed, and as I surveyed the evening and life in general I thought, this is aaaaaalright. 

p.s. out of curiosity who else out there is a freak like Sean?  Are there more like that?  How?


Brooke said...

I'm with you, Jen. Sean is a crazy. Massage is a gift from the gods, and when I'm rich, I'll get one at least once a week, maybe once a day.

Valerie said...

I laughed out loud when I read that bit about Julian's stories. I guess that's what comes from having a wildcard for a mother.

Also, I do have some personal space issues. I do like getting massages (who doesn't, SEAN?), but I don't like having my hair touched. Though, that might be more about my hair than it is about personal space.
One way or the other, I do NOT like it when someone stands too close to me in line at the grocery store.

Annie said...

Your cousin, my husband. Especially the neck, no tickling the neck! Also, I saw your mom last night, and since I failed to say this to her directly, you may pass on that I think she is just beautiful and I would like to look like her when I am her age.

)en said...

Oh, me too! Love it. I will tell her. Tell Rob what the hey? Just because. Not about anything specific.

Lindsey said...

I am pretty positive that Sean used to go to a place in Provo to get his hair cut only because the lady gave him a head-massage. It was his buddy's wife or something. Ask him about it. There's some ammo for you to win this fight! lol :-)

)en said...

WHAT. Ok, so maybe he just prefers a professional. I'm so offended! Wait, maybe I'm like Monica and give painful massages and no one can bring themselves to tell her!

I seriously doubt this though. Monica and i have opposite personalities. If anyone, I'm a Phoebe, and she IS a professional. I swear I haven't watched Friends in like years and years, and yet still, it is a daily part of my vocabulary.