Friday, January 18, 2013

A Dialogue

Jen enters the room.  Julian giggles and preemptively says, "don't tickle me!"

Jen: Why would you think that? Why would you think i'd tickle you?? *starts tickling Julian*

Julian: Don't put me upside down! Just hold me like a baaabyyy...

Jen: Like a baaabyyy..?

Then Jen gets that look.

Julian: Where'd my baby go?

Jen: Where DID my baby go?

Julian:  i don't know

Jen: Did you take him?

Julian: Yes.

Jen: Where did you put him?

Julian: In the garbage truck!

Jen: Oh NO! That's no good!  Or maybe you put him in your pocket?

Julian: *laughs*  No, in the garbage truck!  and took him to the dump!

Jen: Oh MAN...  Well, if you're not my baby, then who are you?

Julian:  I'm Julian!

Jen: Where did you come from?

Julian: From a space rocket!

Jen: Ohh.. are you an alien?

Julian: No, i'm an astronaut who lives in space. I came down and talked to Grandma so I could *bursts into song*  row, row, row your boat...!


Valerie said...

It's like a court reporter overheard a conversation I had with James, then gave the transcript to Julian, who then memorized it and repeated it word for word.


(in this scenario, James and Julian both believe they are astronauts.)

)en said...

You know, I did think this had potential to be turned into a play. You guys wanna take a stab at it??