Tuesday, December 18, 2012


One night Sean and I were up late looking at who-knows-what deep in the underbelly of the internets and found this crazy phenomenon.  It's silly and i can't even remember where we got it but I saved it and now I'm going to perform a magic show and show it to YOU.    

Wait a second, I think i was searching for scary hidden images or something because i know Sean hates them-- you know, the pictures that everyone forwards or puts up on facebook that are like, "stare closely at this picture for 10 seconds..."  or something and either an image flashes on the screen and makes you wet yourself, or you suddenly see the scary image (and wet yourself) or whatever.  Whatever it is, you need a change of pants when you're finished. Which is super annoying. But kind of irresistible? 

So yeah, I was doing a search for that and came upon this, which is NOT scary--don't close this screen!  But it is kind of crazy, and crazy cool.

So, what you do is this:  squint your eyes (or simply take off your glasses, which we vision-impaired did. It pays to be blind! Works so well for optical illusions sometimes) and the images will trade places.  WHAT? I know, try it.



It kind of begs the philosophical question: true beauty/ugly may not be what it seems.  or something.   and that's not a question.  But think on that for a while.

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