Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Phases of Phrases (nee, "Of Course!")

Julian picks and chooses favorite phrases.  He has phases of phrases, you might say. And now I'm thinking that should be the title of this post.  But oh well.

Actually, yeah, i'm going to change it.

Oftentimes his phrases don't make 100% sense. More like they make 80% sense.  For example:

JEN:  Julian, do you need to go to the bathroom?

JULIAN: No, thank you.

JEN:  Ha ha, it's not an offer. Are you sure?

JULIAN: I'm not too sure.


It's just a liiittle bit off, and could potentially hurt my brain if it weren't so funny to me.  "I'm not too sure" comes from "The Shivers" from Frog and Toad, in case you were wondering. (p.s. does anyone still remember the quotes/italics/underline rule for written works?? I have NO idea what they actually are and use them arbitrarily.  I don't know the last time I underlined something to identify it as a written work and I don't ever want to again. Someone please tell me it's obsolete now, because i hate it, for some reason.)

So lately Julian's preferred phrase is, "of course!"   He says it after I ask him a question, which does make sense, yet i'm sure he doesn't 100% know what he's saying. But it makes it sound like I'm asking the most stupid-obvious questions and it could potentially make me feel like an idiot if it weren't so funny to me.

JEN: Julian, do you need a drink of water?

JULIAN:  yeah!  of course!


My favorite was the first time i heard/noticed it:

JEN: Hey Julian, do you want some ketchup on your eggs?

JULIAN:  yeah...  [and then quietly]...of course.

Which is exactly right. What was I thinking?


Joel said...

Chicago style is to basically italicize all creative works, so there you go.

Allison's going through some of this right now, saying "not yet" for everything. Last night we were looking for her Barbies. "Are they under the bed?" "Not yet."

)en said...

ha ha, love it.

Also: THANK YOU re: the italics, which I love! Such good news.