Monday, December 17, 2012


On this day I'd like to celebrate another milestone, one almost as important as yesterday's anniversary, and it is this:  Today's post and title celebrates probably the highest amount of tabs open all at once in all of Jen-internet history.  SEVENTEEN TABS. Even for me, a known tab-addict, that is high.

I know, I know.

I humbly bow to your applause.


Valerie said...

This post is useless until I know what all 17 were.

Allow me to take a guess (based upon my own multi-tabbed habbits):

1. Gmail (obviously)
2. facebook (same)
3. a recipe you may or may not use
4. boots you are looking at for yourself/sean/child (possibly zappos?)
5. The definition and spelling of visceral.
6. Your blog (three tabs: two of the actual blog, and one of a finished/in process entry)
7. Another blog (maybe mine, fingers doubly crossed)
8. menupages
9. New York Times article
10.That buzzfeed list of photos of 25 best moments of humanity in 2012 that's going around (when those dudes are reaching to save that cat - so great)

Okay, that's it. I can't begin to think what the other 7 are. Your reading public demands to know.

)en said...

Ok, ok.

I can't remember but let's try it out.

Gmail, yes.

Facebook, probably. Unless i was paranoid that it would show me as logged on to FB and therefore available to chat. Which, uhh--no offense, friends! I really really like to chat on Facebook.

SPOT ON re: blogs. Exact. Definitely likely it was yours. I'd say 93% chance it was.

Recipe--maybe. That's usually the case on special occasions.

An item i have my eye on: YES. Probably ASOS or Forever21 with a bunch of things in the cart that i won't ever buy.

Ok, so what else could it have been? Possibly Possibly something church-related. Possibly an additional gmail tab because sometimes i like to refer to emails when i'm writing one.

Maybe the weather. Some random article, like you said.

I can't even think. It was so amazing. They just kept sliding over as I deleted them, one-by-one. I <3 my tabs.

so funny.