Sunday, October 28, 2012


First, let me say that I'm a big fan of the name of this storm and I'm jealous of whoever thought of it.  A+.

Well friends, it's that time again. You know, when the east coast waits in the dark on the eerie eve of another potentially catastrophic storm. I thought i'd get out this blog post before the power goes out and the real tragedy begins (that i can't blog).

Sean was on the phone when he pointed at this hour-by-hour weather forecast to me:

At first i chuckled: "Squalls! oh man!" 

And then i laughed even more at the break in the ominous forecast: Lunchtime recipes. Your kids will love these simple recipes!  You know, because you still need to feed your kids during the apocalypse, and during it all, you're likely going to hop online to look up some recipes!  So here are a few we've put together for you during your hours of doom:

  • have a fiesta with your gallon cans of salsa! sprinkle with freeze-dried cheese. 
  • make a silly face out of thawing freezer food. 
  • make wheat soup! 
  • decorate your M.R.E's with stickers! 
  • sing a song while you shake powdered milk in a water bottle. take turns being the shaker! 
  • make hamburgers out of granola bars and canned ham. 

ok, i can't think of anything else but this has such funny potential. I challenge you to give me some more! I can't think of other classic food storage foods. Help me out.  

So, wish us luck during the squalls.  How can i look up what a squall is if there's no internet?? *panicking*    Anyway, thanks friends, for being with me for yet another storm disaster of epic proportions.     


linsey said...

I am considerably more panicked about losing internet than running out of water. Basic human needs have changed.

Pedersen Posse said...

That screen shot was classic! Ha, ha. Good luck! Hope the squalls turn out better than the movies "White squall" or "The Perfect Storm," which are the only other times in my life I have heard that word used.

Joel said...

This is why you get on friendly terms with your neighbors' dogs in advance. "Come here, Spot!" Wham!

Mobile food storage!

Valerie said...

James and I were talking about Frankenstorm. He thinks the weather people have a P.R. firm working for them who think up these awesome names.