Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn Blitz

So many pictures, so little time before my eyeballs fall out of my head from staring at them on this screen.  Ready, set, go!

Julian's little preschool class took a field trip to a pumpkin patch out in the country.  It was a small town in Long Island and it delighted us immensely.

First, they had a dozen tractors strewn about the place and of course Julian sat on them all and of course i took a dozen pictures on each and of course i'm putting  them ALL up.

You just can't beat the tractor bliss.  These should really be in some kind of mosaic but oh well. 

                                            Julian quote: "I'm a grandpa!"  

This place had a pretty stellar wooden playground.  I've been to a few playgrounds in my time and this one was super fun. Rustic fun. 

And here we are on the hayride and this captures my self-taken pic abilities. Classic. And classy.

             Pumpkin patch bum.


The day was dark and chilly.  Just look at those clouds. Is there anything better than a stormy sky that isn't actually storming?  I could live my whole life just looking at clouds like that. (<-- potential song lyrics! Someone jump on that.)


Here we are being hilarious on a bench.

Julian and the Giant Pumpkins.  I also love this pic because the expression on his face is classic Julian. Seriously had it since day one, I swear.

Here is his little class.  Adorbs. Hope it's ok with their parents that i post this. I should probably ask them, huh.

The very next day, Sean and Julian and I went apple picking. This was actually earlier in the day before The Blaze, in case you were curious about the timeline of events that I choose to reveal to you on my blog.

It was fun, and we were glad we inadvertently dressed julian in camouflage.  In case you're wondering, his new sweater (which, yes, we make him wear every day) perfectly blends in at an apple orchard. 

Sitting in another patch.

While we waited for the Blaze to start, we drove around the windy roads in the small Hudson valley towns and came upon some Woods, woods being capitalized because for us and our life, it surely is a destination, one not often visited.  We parked for about 20 minutes and romped up a hill.


The next weekend we jumped back in the car and drove straight back to that little parking area in The Woods.  We talked nonstop about them the whole way and when we finally arrived, we noticed some people walking toward a little opening in a gate.  We were just going to play around in the same woods as in the pic above but we decided to follow these people and investigate. We were absolutely glad that we did.  

On our way to the gateway, Julian kept asking us when we were going to get to the Woods and I threw my arms to the autumnal heavens and said, "Julian! these ARE the woods!!"   And Sean happened to snap a pic.


And here is the glorious pathway to heaven.


We often got sidetracked though because we needed to check things out, like sticks and leaves and stone walls.


Here is a tree with berries. It is pink.



We also found a stone bench to have a chat.  

 Teatown Lake itself.



Autumn blitz!


Alanna said...

I'm gonna be honest here and say that every single one of these pictures HAD to be on the blog. But I think my favorites were all of the ones of Julian riding the tractors-- such a picture of bliss! I'm glad that even New Yorkers (Brooklynites?) get to spend plenty of time in nature-- especially with as gorgeous as this fall has been!

Pedersen Posse said...

Post was aptly named. Those colors are amazing.

Rob said...

Beautiful! And I take back what I said earlier about the sweater!

)en said...

It was only a matter of time, for all who lay eyes upon it come to love it eventually. Sean's love was slow also but he had his own moment of realization and I think it was rather special for him.