Saturday, September 01, 2012

1 Sept

On this day...

... I woke up.
...I put on clothes. 
...I brushed my teeth and washed my face. 
...I watched a little boy run frantically and slip in his own pee.  
...I carefully contemplated my new reading venture and selected it from the bookshelf.
...I drank a yogurt drink, put a water bottle in my backpack and left. 
... I stood in line and ordered a "plain bagel with nothing on it, not toasted. nothing."  (this is a variation from my usual "plain bagel with a suuuper thin layer of plain low fat cream cheese" which is exactly how i say it EACH and EVERY time. I'm a risk-taker.)  
...I swiped my card and descended some stairs.
...I stood on a sweltering platform and watched a girl apply makeup.
...I stood on a Q train (making all local stops on the R line--cuss!  This means the ordinarily speedy Q Express train runs on the slug R line and makes about 7 more stops than it should) until a seat opened up, whereupon I opened my bag, whereupon i opened my book. 

...and the climactic moment...

...I read a phrase in my book, which was this:

"It was the first Saturday of September."  

And as the train was rolling over the Manhattan bridge, my eyes shot bolt upward and out the window at realization itself, that I read that on the first Saturday of September!!!  I know!!!

What's more, I was reading a book I have not yet read (ashamedly), Danny the Champion of the World, by my BBFGFF (<-- Best Big Friendly Giant Friend Forever)  Roald Dahl.  And then i realized, hey, it's Roald's birthday this month... which MEANS....   IT'S ROALD DAHL MONTH!!    

And all of those thoughts hit me in one unifying moment, and I felt the universe quake, giving my already bumpy ride a surge of rejoicing sent straight to the pit of my heart, and I was glad. 


lindsey v said...

Awesome calendar. I once read that Roaldy (that's what I call him) liked to eat a piece of chocolate after every meal. I am extra down with that! I'll celebrate with you this month!

Valerie said...

Sometimes, magic just happens.

This was one of those times.