Sunday, September 09, 2012

Moon Light

Sean made a lamp.  He had some small bulbs from fake track lighting we didn't know what to do with so he put them into a lamp fixture of sorts.  It is an oddity and a wonder and kind of a miracle of nature, if i may be so bold.

Here are some pictures.

Sean working with some mysterious hand from the heavens above helping out.  Seriously, what is it with Sean and weird limb angles? Looking at his body and left arm, i can't make sense of his right arm. How is this physically possible? I told you, miracle of nature.

Showing me his mad scientist map of circuitry.  Make it happen, Sean!

He sawed, he cut, he installed screws, fixtures, painted.  He cut the plexiglass and it was way too bright so he had to spray paint it (enter the awesome spoonerism, spaint).

He attached individual switches to each bulb.  Here's a video of him testing them out:

Here it is, finished:

See the switches? 

In the end, we decided it was either a moon or a cueball.  Moon Light sounds more romantic than Cueball Wall, so that's what we're going with.    Behold its beauty!


Brooke said...

Sean is ridiculously talented. Where did he come from?

Valerie said...


Though, don't count "cueball lamp" all the way out of the picture. It kind of rolls off the tongue.