Friday, February 24, 2012

About Sean

First, a few quotes:

"There are so few people whose hands I really trust." 

"You want someone so fastidious that it makes their life unpleasant."

(those are art-related, obviously, but i have totally forgotten the context.  Maybe hiring someone to do a certain job for you? )

At the airport:

"I love that the logo of this airline is an eagle clearly diving toward Earth.  Can't we have a bird that's aloft?" 
So true.

Some Sean points:

  • He remembers everything he ever read/learned/learned by observing/watched on TV.   Every once in a while he will bust out some cooking trick and i'm like, where the hey did you learn that? And he's like, some cooking show, when i was a kid.   It takes me a minute to move past  imagining him watching cooking shows as a kid, but when i do, i'm impressed. 
  • When Julian wakes in the night (after we're in bed), Sean goes to him, and only Sean. Ever. 
  • Sean doesn't react to things in a very expressive way.  Sean's "shocked" face looks about the same as his "calmly reading at home" face.   He also is very reserved physically when speaking.  He is very deliberate with his hands whereas I very much talk with them in a wild flippant manner.  Kind of related to the monotone quote here.
  • To go along with this, one night a few weeks ago, I had a dream Sean was being a big jerk to me (I think i was having huge concerns regarding chess and he didn't care at ALL-- i know, right? How could he) and I sort of woke up and sort of started beating on him with my fist like a sledgehammer, up and down.   Being woken like this might upset someone but he calmly stopped me and when i called him out on his being a dream-jerk he responded saying, "No i am not."   His calmness makes me think he had something to hide, that i was in the right all along, somehow. 
  • Every once in a while, Sean becomes fixated on a certain obscure thing.  Lately it's The Beach Boys, more specifically Brian Wilson.  Every day he comes home with more facts and information exhibiting the continuing research conducted on the subject. It lasts for days, maybe weeks.  I now know more about The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson than i would ever, ever learn on my own. 
  • Similarly, with no prior explanation or introduction, he will randomly send me youtube videos in gchat of the funniest songs.  Examples:

Take My Breath Away
Hold On
Total Eclipse of the Heart

He is not being funny. He loves them, and apparently thinks I should too.

Alright, I found a recent conversation:

Sean:  for you:

Total eclipse of the heart -Bonnie Tyler-

 me:  ohmygosh
 what's that other one you sent me a while ago?
Sean:  I usually send Berlin -  the Top Gun song
me:  omg, it's on-hand
wait, that one's from top gun?
 Sean:  "The group is also known for being the offspring of prominent musicians; the Wilsons are the daughters of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, while Phillips' parents are John Phillips and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas."
me:  oh wow

 Sean:  Top Gun - it's called... take my breath away
you are a special one

 Sean:  I love this music and there's nothing that can make me ashamed

and nothing should
Sinead OConnor, Roxette...
man oh man

me:  Roxette--OHMY
i confess, i watched Nothing Compares To You the other day (of my own accord)
it's so good, what can i say

Here are some of his latest works in progress.

In the words of anyone my age when they were 11, they are awes.  (<-- hard 's', as if i have to explain)



Joel said...

Love the Matterhorn. (or am I wrong about that painting?) One day I will have lots of money and we will come to New York and buy a painting from Sean, because I love what I've seen. I am also assuming that this post means it's his birthday, and if so I wish him a happy one.

linsey said...

First of all Jen there is nothing funny at all about Hold On. It is the soundtrack of my childhood and I share Sean's passion for it. Total Eclipse of the Heart is a little bit funny, but still rocks so hard and I defy you and anyone to listen and not be compelled to belt along.

Lastly, a very happy 34 to Sean—we miss the days we got to partake of your wit and hilarity more frequently. (This is a passive aggressive plea to stop being too busy for us.) Happy Birthday!!

Shilo Mayer said...

Together we can take it to the end of the line. Your love is like a shadow on me all the time. I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark. We're living in a powder keg and givin' off sparks.
*Bonnie Tyler = Genius.

Also, I love Sean And Happy Birthday to him! Yay!

)en said...

I have no idea if it's the Matterhorn.

no need to come to ny! Sean's art is just a click away:

Living in a powder keg and givin' off sparks?? i had no idea.

Linsey, you are dead right, as usual. About everything.

yes, happy bday to Seanmo!