Friday, February 17, 2012


JEN: Maybe i should get some nail polish remover to take off my polish and also disinfect my many thumb wounds at the same time.

SEAN: Or, make them horribly worse.

JEN: Why?

SEAN: It could damage the live tissue. It's not alcohol anyway, it's acitone.

JEN: How do you know that?

SEAN: I know my solvents.

JEN: *laughter*

SEAN: Remember, this is the guy who has isopropyl alcohol.

(A few days ago, after having a shirt stained because one of my Vaseline tubes exploded in the laundry, Sean asked me to look up how to remove it. I found one and read it and just as i was going to say, "give it up, this sounds impossible,"  he said, "great, i have all that.")



Joel said...

Every time I read the word "polish," I mentally pronounce it "Polish," as in the nationality. I hope I never come across it when reading aloud in a group.

)en said...

TRUTH. i totally do the same. There was a new shop going up on the street and the sign said Polish Bar, and i thought what kind of food a Polish bar would have until many moons later when i looked in and saw that it was a nail salon. I was all tripped out.