Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pop Quiz: Another Salon

Pop Quiz:

Speaking of salons, what kind of person are you? Are you the type to get your hair washed, cut, and blow dried and then go home and take a bath or shower with shower cap so as to even out your cleanliness because there's no way in he-- you're going to shower after that, wasting a perfectly good hairwash because you just hate washing your hair that much, and so what if you have a few bits of hair stuck to your neck?  Or do you go home and shower/wash your hair as planned, completely nullifying that free wash you got at the salon?

In case you are wondering: Yes. Me, I am that type.


Alanna said...

I HAVE to shower the second I get home from getting my hair cut. I cannot stand the idea of tiny hairs stuck all over me and falling into my food and who knows where else. But I also get my hair cut at Great Clips (about once a year or so) and the shampoo is optional, so I always skip it.

When my husband gets his hair cut, I can't even kiss him until he's showered.

I'm that anal about it.

)en said...

Your comment is making me feel pretty gross, Alanna. :) But not gross enough to wash my hair, i guess. I'm that lazy. And that level of laziness takes a lot of work.

James Best said...

Jen, I have to go to a salon. Because I'm a fancy lad. And the problem with boy hair is the tiny little hairs everywhere. Also, stylists always think because my hair is straight and easily spikable and worked best in the 90's that I should look like I still reside in the 90's.

So I have to wash it right away. Also, I don't really tip the person who washes my hair at the salon. Am I a terrible person?

)en said...

I don't know. i didn't tip the last one. Paying $65 implies to me that i already DID pay a tip, and a hefty one at that, especially for a so-so cut.

There are worse things than having hair that works best with a 90's-style cut. Kind of jealous.

Ashley said...

I'm with you. Getting my hair cut just bought me another day or two of not showering.

Ashley said...

(Sorry. Forgot to finish.)

Call me lazy, call me greasy, but I'm not fixing my hair AGAIN.