Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz:  At the salon,  are you the type to chit chat with the hairdresser or remain silent through the duration of the haircut?

Me: anyone near me in the salon will think I am a mute and look around for my interpreter because except for a "yeah, like that,"  "looks good"  "yeah" or an "I know, fo' real,"  I am not a chatty cathy.  Getting my hair cut is down time for me. I'd rather not talk. I don't know you. I don't ever need to fill the silence. I will let there be silence until the cows come home, and all awkwardness ensues.   I'm not unkind, and I will gladly answer your questions, but if there is a lull, I happily let it be.  I enjoy getting my hair manhandled and am not super picky about the cut so it's just some good R&R for me.



Valerie said...

I would loooooove to not talk during haircuts. I find that bad haircuts usually begin with a long conversation about relationships (not mine). But I can't do it. I don't have your nerve.

I think I might be changing my tune, though. I'm sick of it. I'm not going to be bullied into conversation any more.

Thanks, Jen. You've changed my life.

Joel said...

I am usually more of a responder than an initiator too, but I always imagine that women (making up the vast majority of people who cut my hair) are more likely to feel comfortable having an in-depth conversation with other women.

)en said...

Ha ha! Just say NO to talking in salons. Do you find yourself talking about ridiculous things you would never care about due to the pressure to chit chat and form an insta-bond with the hairdresser? Maybe there should be a support group for this.

Scoresbys said...

It's just such a weirdly intimate thing to have a stranger in your personal space, running hands through your hair. I think the conversation is supposed to cut the awkwardness. But I want to read a magazine and be left in peace. I find that ignoring their existence also cuts the awkwardness.

)en said...

Ignoring their existence, ha ha. Or think of them as a robot..?