Monday, January 09, 2012

Pop Quiz: parking meters

Is it a pop quiz if they're now somewhat predictable and also there's no right or wrong answer?

I'm just curious about other people in the world. I look at me. I see me and the things i do and i wonder, well what do others do? What does that guy do? What do my friends do? And then after I know I will categorize us all with labels and ratings.   You might already know that people like me get an automatic In to the "awesome" category.  But no pressure. Just be honest.

Anyway, i forgot my question. Oh, parking meters. (Good thing I had already typed the title of this post) I read this one in a weird Do You Know Your Spouse questionnaire that had mostly really stupid questions but i thought this one was kind of interesting.

You pull into a metered parking space.  There are 8 minutes remaining on the meter.  You're planning a 10-minute errand.  What do you do?
    a.  put in a coin to be safe
    b.  put in no money and try to rush through the errand
    c. put in no money and not worry about it.

Want to know what i do?

d. put in 3 quarters because you just NEVER KNOW what might happen.  Am i an overly cautious person? Maybe. Normally i wouldn't say so but that absolutely is what i would do.  What if i decide to have some lunch after and it would be a pain to come back to the car? What if Julian falls and hurts himself or we find a compelling toy or book store and need to peruse a bit? What if it took me ten hundred minutes to find a @#$% parking space and i'm not about to give it up just for a measly 10-minute errand? (<-- a common thing. I will totally make up things to do or purposely stay longer because i had to work so hard for a spot)   Maybe I'm an over-planner, I don't know. But it's you, not me, who has to pay that parking ticket.  So there.

But what about you?

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Britta said...

Here's what I do: I move to cities that don't have parking meters.

Honestly, though, I'd probably add a quarter. I think before kids I would rush through the errand, but kids totally change my ability to rush.

Speaking of kids, I've been noticing little boy hairstyles lately, since now I have a little boy with so much hair potential, and I have to tell you that I LOVE Julian's hair.