Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brain of Wonder

I'm starting to believe that we get headaches because we're not letting our brains do the things they want to do, and too much of something that's lame. Yeah, I should be a scientist.  We think we are doing things that require thought, and we may be, or things that are stimulating, but it all just ends up being an aggravation to our brains because we forget to do the things that really bring them alive and make them happy, so they just get frustrated or blow a fuse because they're not being tempered by the good stuff.

I have had a nice day so far, but i've been headache-y off and on for a few days. This happens sometimes but it isn't a constant thing. I sat down here at the computer to do some shopping, browse some sites, do some emailing and whatnot and that, combined with the contacts in my eyeballs, the headache grew worse and i told myself I would need to leave soon and give them a rest or something. And then I started to type in my journal to give an update of my life, and then i started thinking about things and pondering and theorizing and the creative juices flowed and my fingers flew. And i typed and i typed for several minutes, staring at a computer screen, straining my neck and my eyeballs as i was before, physical circumstances unchanged, but when I was finished, the strangest thing happened. I realized my headache was gone. And i am thinking it is because i started thinking about important things. I began to question important things, and evaluate my thoughts and feelings, and really shake up the parts of my brain that slip into dormancy because they're overrun by stupid things like stress and general vague notions of negativity or fears or whatever that we allow to creep into our minds every day. My brain kick-started and the power of doing something that made me happy, something creative, calmed the frazzled and fizzled-out parts of my brain allowing it to really flourish, and the headache subsided. It's a miracle! My brain cured itself.  I believe it to be true. Maybe headaches really are a mind over matter. (Or, mind over mind-matter?)

I encourage you to try this as a mental exercise the next time you have a headache. Don't just do something that's supposed to be good for headaches. Do something you love. Be your own headache specialist. See what happens.

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Joel said...

I find that the best way to get rid of a headache is to cause one in someone else. That's why kids never seem to get them.