Saturday, October 01, 2011

October 1st

Today I:

1. Ate an amazing bagel at this place.   It's down the street and pretty new. I'd forgotten the kind of heaven a good bagel can create.  It is blissful indeed.

2. Wore boots similar to these.  Walked to the farmers market and bought cheese, a mini pumpkin pie, vegetables and apples, and every good thing.

3. Wrote 3 letters.

4. Watched some of this and wrote down this favorite quote regarding prayer:

Let us be as quick to kneel as we are to text.

Oh snap.

5.  Whilst eating one of our new apples, exclaimed this gem of a spoonerism:

This assle is awepum!

To which Sean replied:

Don't be such an assle.

Yeah, it's been a good day.


Brooke said...


Joel said...

Mmm, bagels. One of the best fall foods, along with caramel apples.

(Psst! The kittens are back!)

)en said...

what kittens? what does this mean. is this code for something?

Natalie R. said...

Ha ha, those are some awesome things to have done all in one day. I especially like numbers 4 and 5.