Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pillow Talk

Just a sampling of our nighttime topics. 

Sean: thanks for being such a great white.

Jen: What?the... A great white?

Sean: a great witfe...

Jen: you said white. "a great white--"

Sean: You were talking at the same time!! I didn't know what i was saying.

Jen: [laughing]

Sean:  You're very shark-like.   A man-eater.

Jen: And you're grateful?

Sean: Thanks for being a man-eater.

a few minutes later...

Jen: What if you smiled when you died?

Sean:  What?

Jen: Like, when people die, they smile. Just happens naturally.

Sean: that would be totally creepy.

Jen: [trying it out in the darkness, pretending to be dead--laughs]:  yeah, it would be.

Sean: Maybe people would fear death less.

Jen: yeah!

Sean: "Well, i'm not afraid to die. I know it's a happy thing..."

Jen: exactly.

Sean:  What if it's just rigor mortis?

Jen: ew, hahahaa.. I need to write these down.

Sean: standard pillow talk


)en said...

Yeah right, this is the funniest post EVER.

Joel said...

Hey, maybe we're all so busy laughing that we can't manage to leave comments. Didn't you ever think of that?

)en said...

Pffft. No excuse!! The funnier the post the more comments there should be. It's a law of physics. Or etiquette.

Amber Alvarez said...

Oh man! This totally reminds me of a game i used to play in college. It was CALLED Rigor Mortis and it always made me smile. Incidentally I invented the game. I'm pretty sure it happened late at night.

You really are a great white.

)en said...

i should like to play this game

Natalie R. said...

Ha ha, you guys are hilarious!!