Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Caribbean Dreams

The other night my conscious self and my sleeping brain had a meeting and I said to my brain, "Brain, I dream of other places I have been before. I dream of water so blue and warm and sand so soft and white, even to have been there makes me wonder if I truly was there at all. But I remember it. And I miss it. Take me there."

So my brain concocted a story in a dream and in it, i made a declaration of these wishes and desires, and instantly I had this powerful ability launch my physical body at rapid speed into space to where'er I wished to go.  I pushed my legs off the earth and watched the land become small and the lines defined, and I lived somewhere in the stratosphere.  I looked down past my feet and moved myself steadily down the eastern seaboard until I found the islands dotted and small.

Antigua! my heart exclaimed, and in earnest I searched for it, trying to pick it out from all the little islands.  I knew it had a brother, Barbuda, so I looked for a pair, and I quickly made my descent.  I landed on my feet and asked the first person I saw if I had made it to Antigua.  He said "close, Anguilla,"  (which my sleeping self knew was a real place and was close to my destination but my waking self had no idea! amazing) so I bent my knees and shoved off, trying again.  I don't know if I ever found it--I think I did--but I woke up soon after that, and as I laid there i thought, oh what a marvelous dream! 

This opposed to the dream i had a couple of weeks ago of me sitting at a church organ and honest-to-goodness spending what felt like 3 hours, pulling out stops and testing them, trying to figure out just what kind of combo of sounds I wanted when I played. The entire dream. I swear to you I bored myself awake, at which point I said aloud and conscious, "ho-ly CRAP world's most boring dream."   

Thanks again, Brain.  You're kind of hit and miss but when you're on, you are ON.

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Natalie R. said...

I love dreams, I'm glad your brain is so good at making good ones!