Friday, September 23, 2011

This week: highlights & lowlights

First, the highs:

(in bullets, obviously)

  • went to Target and bought out the dollar section's supply of Halloween stickers--OH YEAH. 
  • watched Julian work on his jumping skills which amuses me greatly.  So much effort for a few centimeters. But they are happy centimeters indeed.
  • Danced on the sidewalk with my child at dusk.  Nothing beats it.  We went out to find the moon but it was hidden by clouds, so of course we had to do a moon dance. 
  • Started a pre-preschool class.  yeehaw.  
  • Had rootbeer floats with a friend and discussed varying topics such as Twilight & the awesomeness of the movies,  whether or not we believe in psychics, our love of the English language & etymology, not to be confused with entomology (which i do) (but which I also enjoy).
  • wrote a letter
  • wrote my thoughts down in a document i hope to one day publish (not this blog post)
  • made my favorite brownies that also happen to be healthful. Stuffed our faces with said brownies while watching a movie so funny we both had tears, but I can't admit what it was because it's totally crass and just inappropriate. The perfect end to a pretty horrible day.
  • attended a class that broadened my mind and deepened my understanding of seriously important things. 
  • drove through an eerie fog to a mall-- is like Disneyland to us city folk.  
  • Rode a kid train with Julian. Felt like a giant, which I liked. 
  • bought some clothes which I tried on when I got home. Fit perfectly.  
  • Watched a TV show I missed.  
  • got my hands on a Babysitters Club Super Special. 
  • Played the piano for the first time in years. Re-started rusty gears of music writing. 
Some lows:

  • fought with Julian no fewer than 6 dozen times
  • Got fewer and fewer hours of sleep as the week wore on which puts me in an intolerably grumpy mood. (could be related to first point)
  • Worked on piano song right before bed. Went to bed exhausted but couldn't sleep for hours and had fitful in-and-out sleep with this tune blaring in my head. Couldn't escape. Made me crazy. 
  • Washed my hair with some shampoo that i forgot smells like a rotting rain forest of musky tree sap.  Hate when my hair stinks. 
  • Several days of rain.  I just don't like it.
  • missed an ice cream party--waah. 
  • Got some more mosquito bites--DEATH to them. I'm so sick of bug bites.  This summer produced mutant mosquitoes that gave me weird blistery bites. Hurry up and die already.
  • got rocked in the nose--exact location, exact force--twice, 10 minutes apart. 

So i just about evened out.  But not quite.  Thank you, Friday.


Joel said...

I can't believe how many mosquito bites I've gotten this year. I'm amazed I haven't gotten malaria or west Nile or something.

)en said...

WORD. Seriously.

Brooke said...

I personally benefited from a couple of the highlights you listed. Yay! And does "rocking" mean you were holding Julian on your lap and he rocked back and smacked your nose with his noggin? Those hurt.

)en said...

I don't remember how it happened-- probably how you described. But i do know it felt like someone hit my nose with a rock.

Valerie said...

I am also still getting mosquito bites. What's up with that? It's like we live in a wet, humid rain forest - which may also explain the smell of your hair.

Are the brownies you're talking about the ones you made for me? Because they are awesome. I ate all but one of them in the middle of the night.

Natalie R. said...

I'm glad there were a lot of highs to balance out the lows. I love the description of "rotting rain forest of musky tree sap," though I'm sorry that your hair smelled like it for the day. I also like that you got to feel like a giant on a kid train - that would be awesome. :0)