Sunday, August 14, 2011

Julian Quote

In breaking news, we got a diaper wipes container that had Winnie the Pooh characters all over it.  Sean taught him, "That's Winnie the Pooh! Can you say Winnie the Pooh?"    The moment was forgotten.

A few days later he brought Julian into the room and Julian pointed to the container and exclaimed, "Poop teddy!!!" 

And I laughed and I laughed. 


Ashley said...

Did I mention that after that, when I was with Julian in your room here, he pointed at the wipes and just yelled "Poop!" But he said it in such a way that I knew he was talking about the bear. That's a great nickname.

)en said...

it is kind of weird that they named a cuddly teddy bear Pooh, right? I mean, what's up with that. And putting his face on a box of bum wipes is just all sorts of confusing (or very appropriate).