Monday, August 08, 2011

Not the Tires!!!

So I'm pretty sure whoever paves/maintains roads in cities (I'm an idiot since i have no clue) is in cahoots with auto-maintenance shops.  Or, more likely, auto maintenance companies have specialized people to go out and dig millions of holes in the roads and throw random debris in the middle of a busy street.  Lately i have been hitting every pothole, sometimes half-parking up on a curb... the other day i drove through some two-by-fours scattered on Atlantic Ave (seriously) that caused a serious racket. One day I'm going to write a serious blog post on all the things a driver in Bklyn has to watch out for.  Driving here will do wonders for your brain power.  But that's for another day. (and add 2x4's to the list)

  In short, you could say i'm a little concerned for our tires. So when I pulled up to park on a random street last night and heard BAMBAMBAM--BAMBAM!  I was SURE it was:

a) gunshots
b) glass
c) the tires spontaneously combusting

Whichever option, something was just destroying my tires. Just about had a seizure.  After my heart rate calmed a bit, I backed up, parked, and went around to survey the inevitable damage, disbelieving my luck with our tires lately.  What I found made me guffaw heartily and I took a pic & sent a text to Sean. I think what I said in the flurry of the moment says it best:

Holy shibs!!!  Someone's shooting bullets at my car!!!
Wait---wait, no... just ran over a strip of giant BUBBLE WRAP.
Scared the skittles out of me. 

And yes, I am pleased I got all 5 squares.


Alanna said...

Driving up to visit Natalie once, I nearly hit a ladder that was laying across my lane on the beltway, and then a half hour later, a couch. It was one of those days where I think it was a good thing the kids reminded me to say a prayer before we left the house!

Nice work hitting the bubble wrap, though. The real question here is: did someone leave that there on purpose just to freak you out? Hmmm...?

Joel said...

I actually also drove over some bubble wrap the other day. But I knew it was there, and it was AWESOME.