Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On a Tuesday Night

Jen: Gaah! I swear, i'd rather bleed to death than wear a band-aid. I freakin' hate it.

Sean: Haha, that's pretty quoteworthy.

Jen: It is? Thank you.


Sean: Do you ever see the word "misled" and read it "missiled"?

Jen: haha, yeah...


Jen: You know your crumbled cheese is bad when you open the container and it's so fuzzy, you think it's just entirely out of focus, that your glasses have suddenly ceased to function.

Sean: Too bad you can't do deep cheese storage.

Jen: Yes.


At this moment, Julian is crying monkeys because he isn't going to have a bath tonight.  I knew it, I make them too fun.  I knew that would be my downfall as a mom.  Either that or he's a germaphobe.

You know it's Julian's shoes when the top is completely thrashed and the bottom is pristine.

This kid will never walk.  EVERRR.


Alanna said...

Kendra didn't walk until she was 16 months old, and only then, her first steps were because GRANDPA asked her to walk to him! What a flirt!

And now Ryder is supposed to be in physical therapy until he's walking-- that's going to take forEVer!

Good luck with Julian's first steps!

)en said...

aww, rough stuff! what for? curious (physical therapy)

he's actually had his first steps. Yes. He CAN walk.. he just won't. And my body suffers (as do his shoes).