Monday, March 07, 2011


Dear Hey,

Remember this? Should never be forgotten.  I should probably make references to it in every blog post now & henceforth.
So it's Monday today.  That's fine.  What's Monday to me? Just another day. To another week.  Another amazing day doing amazing things.  What am i going to do today? Probably go to Target, the one that's out in Flatbush.   Seen here:

The roads are full of holes. People park in one of the lanes, people change lanes at will, so you have to be aware of any slight movement. Any slight leaning. And parked cars down the road so you can anticipate. This is also the land of "unmarked white vans."  It's super sketchy and an anomaly--nay, phenomenon, and i'm trying to figure it out. But not really because I'd probably get shot if i got too nosy. They are driven by maniacal wild people from the mountains and they rule the streets.  They may even have loud horns-- songs from the Godfather if you're lucky. 

Julian and I just ate some frozen waffles from yesterday. We use real maple syrup because we are serious syrup snobs in our house and we're training our child up in snobbery. Sean loves to get the syrup at the farmers market because he likes to conversate with the syrup farmers. He says he has the same conversation every time. There are different grades of syrup, see, depending on the time of year the trees are tapped. The first of the crop you can get some Fancy grade, which we like best. Then there are various degrees and lightness/darkness of amber.  Anyway, Sean says, "How could anyone want anything other than Fancy?"  And the girl says, "I don't know. You share an opinion with all of Vermont..."   And Sean walks away feeling happy and snobby.
I may also go down the road for some fruit and vegetables from the Japanese Fruit & Vegetable place. I love these places. LOVE THEM.  I don't know what it is. Well, yes i do, it's all the Japanese candy and Pocky you can handle.  It's a new store and a grand addition to the 'hood. 

Yesterday we went to church and listened to several talks.  One man said he wanted to express his "expressiation" for someone and I thought, how wonderful!!  I told Sean to remember it, but i didn't have to. I will never forget that awesome combination.  

Perhaps today we will go through Julian's dresser and throw out all his old clothes. Who knows? Anything can happen. Whatever does, it's going to be awesome.  This is my life. Join the ride and buckle up (especially if there are any white vans nearby).


Alanna said...

Pocky = bliss. Men's Pocky is even better. (I think it's darker chocolate. Weird that I love it, since usually I'm all about the milk chocolate...)

In Japan, they would wrap up each apple growing on the tree to ensure that it grew perfectly. The fruit there was crazy expensive, but it was amazing.

Brooke said...

Interesting side note: The radio told me today that the name for Pac-man was originally "Puck-man" because in Japanese, "puck"=candy, and the (Japanese) creator of the game was trying to appeal to girls, who (he thought) like candy. The name was Americanized to Pac-man because 'puck' sounds too much like another word (wink, wink). Anyway, this is what I thought of when I read of your love of Pocky. That is all.

Tamra said...

Just want you to know that my brother tapped his own sugar maple trees this winter and got about a quart of syrup. Yep, in Utah. Forget Vermont.

)en said...

Oh really! Ah Utah... the Vermont of the West. I'm glad to hear it.

p.s. i bought some all-natural peanut butter the other day. I opened it today and thought of you.

Ashley said...

I also want to say that you can't put Fancy grade syrup on frozen waffles and call yourself a snob. That's just not right.

But I was glad to revisit the "Dear Hey" post. Dear hey to you, Jen. Dear hey to you.

)en said...

Frozen waffles I made MYSELF and froze myself, because i am economical.

Ashley said...

Alright then. I can't fault you for that.