Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Boy and His Hair

Julian has amazing hair. I am jealous of him and his hair.  He has adult hair and it grows like 10 weeds.  It's as if he had weeds for hair. But soft, beautiful weeds.  And despite how we cut it, (with him in the sink, thrashing and head-banging and trying to grab the scissors with his eyeballs) he totally comes away with amazing hair still.  The layers are great, everything is great. He wakes up and he has great hair. It's like he has magical hair.   Here are some pictures of him and his hair.

First, in the bath:

I wouldn't say i'm a sweaty girl, per se, but sometimes I am.   And it looks as if Julian has inherited that from me. He often works up a sweat from all the hopping and like such as with mine,  i like to use that sweat to style his hair. 

Every time I think it might be time for another cut, I look at him and think, WHAT PERFECT HAIR.  Yes, i think in all caps. Try it.   It's kind of intense, right?

As a gift for a friend, I read this book and highlighted my favorite excerpts and made comments (I do enjoy good literature):

In a word:

Inspiring.  Seriously, i have not enjoyed myself whilst reading in such a long time. I hadn't heard any of his songs and reading an autobiography of a 16-year-old was...  I really am not sure i have the words.  I also went to see his movie and I HIGHLY recommend it.  Why? Because you will learn so much from a societal/cultural perspective.  I've never seen a movie like this.   I'm not kidding. Fascinating. And most entertaining.

Anyway.  As i was saying, i sometimes think we should cut it and then i change my mind. Well, after having been viewing a lot of Bieber lately, I realized I most definitely could NOT cut it (even though Biebs cut his--shame).

Behold, Julian Bieber:



B-Dub said...

I really do think you might have the cutest kid in the world, with the best hair in the world. I love him from afar and covet his effortless locks.

MelBroek said...

I love love LOVE this. I love everything about your child having adult hair.

Ashley said...

Upon viewing the last photo here, the one with the famous pajamas, Anna said, and I quote, "I LOVE THEM! I wish I had them for myself!"

Don't we all.

Joel said...

Julian is more masculine than Bieber, by far.

)en said...

I agree, which is why I unashamedly put Julian in those pj's.