Sunday, February 06, 2011

more about spiders

Because can you ever have too many?

Several days ago I high-fived a spider in the face.   It was weird.  I didn't know it was a spider. I thought it was a giant fruitfly.  I opened the cupboard to put away some dishes and something was flying around. That's how I fight back the fruitflies. I either blow on them to keep them away from my face or I smack them in mid-air.  They're so dumb and slow.  But it turned out to be a spider (delayed brain, speaking of slow) dangling on a thread, and i swatted him into kingdom come which was located in the direction of 1) my baby, and 2) the counter where there are countless nooks and food boxes to hide in.   As I've said before, if there's something worse than seeing a spider (and there are many things worse than that), it's seeing one and then not catching it--knowing it's there, but not knowing where.  Anyway, I know this story isn't the best, but isn't it weird to think of smacking a spider away from you as it dangles on its thread? What a weird way to get rid of it.  Kind of like punching it in the face. 

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Natalie R. said...

Ugh, I would've completely flipped!!!! I told Cameron before we got married that he had to take care of every single one of those that ever came into our life. He didn't believe me at the time, but he knows better now. I just really hope there aren't any at all in the next life!!!