Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Thoughts on a Utah Tuesday

There haven't been many posts recently and there is no excuse for that.  But I am in Utah right now and it's taking up all my time!  But i still want to post something.  I'm actually working on a joint post with Sean about airports, because we all know how fun those are.  But he's not here and it's hard to have long-distance collaborations. But I need him and his eloquent wit for without it, all you'd get is basically this:  Hey everyone. So, I @#$% @#%@#*$&&%  airports @#$%@#*#$#@ airlines @#$%@@&@  and the @#$%@ #&%&@ and flying is @#$%* @&&& and Julian was all, @#$%#&&@&. 

haha, that sounds like he swore. Which would be awesome.

So while we wait for that, i'm going to ask a question.  What's on your mind lately?  I'd really like to know. In exchange, i will tell you what's going on in my brain.

by bullets, naturally:

  • Firstly, how many chocolate-covered orange sticks can i eat before hitting my limit? I'm asking myself this right now, because i've already eaten 7. But is that too much? or not quite enough? Only time will tell.
  • If there's anything I love more than taking family pictures, it's doing it TWICE.  Since Sean was here for a nano-second thanks to multiple flight cancellations, he was missing our family picture, so we 3 went to the studio to take ours that the photographer could later photoshop in. He also took some of Sean by himself.  Then, on the actual night, Julian and i got dressed up again and did it again, in case none of the shots with all of us worked out. I'm not sure who was more opposed to this, me or Julian. I brought some fruit snacks for him during picture time,  but it was i who needed them most.
  • When you live in a giant house compared to a small Brooklyn apartment, it can snow and blizzard and you hardly even notice vs. national emergency and on the brink of losing one's mind.  Oh to have space.
  • On the other hand, though going to the nearby supermarket is very convenient and the options are plentiful, i confess that part of me dies inside each time I go.  I miss my Brooklyn peeps. I miss my 'hood and all its stupid inconveniences. 
  • My sister and i have been watching Little Dorrit, a BBC Masterpiece that i demand you run, not walk to your computer & online purchase today.  Since my brother and his family are here before shipping out to Indiana, the house is full and each night, Ashley and I lock ourselves in the office and watch on the computer. I think about it every day. And now it's over, and i want to cry.  It's so so so good.  If you need incentive: Based on book by C. Dickens.  Darcy from the Keira Knightly P&P is there, as well as Andy Serkis (Gollum, anyone?) as a slimy Frenchman. Need I say more? Need i?
  • Sean gets belligerent at phrases like "So true" or "very true" or "very real."  He says it's nonsense and unnecessary.  What do you think? I'm on the fence.   C'mon Sean. Even words like this need a little boost sometimes.  On the other hand, I understood what he was saying and offered my pick: very pleasant.  I feel that the word itself (pleasant) negates the "very."   Yea? Nay?
  • I'm really excited to make Valentines.  I really really really love it.   Send your address to jenslog (at) gmail and I'll totally make one for you WITH a poem. Seriously, i will. For who doesn't love receiving valentines, i ask? No one, that's who. No one. They are very pleasant to receive, and make.
  • When Julian gets sick, it instantly wipes out 8 of my 9 lives. I don't know why I'm a cat-mom, but there it is. 
So what's on your mind? Clearly i welcome whatever it is... whatever it is.


Rob said...

Being married to Annie, naturally we have seen Little Dorritt, and every Jane Austin, Henry James, and Masterpiece Theater film ever made. They all blend together in my mind though. Is that the one where she was born in a debtors prison? Annie does the same with action/sci fi movies? She can't even keep all the X-men straight and I have to give her all the background blah blah blah. She won't admit it but she likes my movies better.

Pedersen Posse said...

I'm a bit jealous you're in Utah. Hope you have a nice visit. I'll have to check out Little Dorritt. I've never heard of it.

)en said...

That's the one, Rob. SO good.

Rachel said...

Little Dorrit. Now on my Netflix Queue.

Joel said...

I usually max out at about 4 chocolate sticks. Weak sauce, I know.

Amber Alvarez said...

I'm going to Utah next week. Bring on the candy bins. Bring it.

Queue-ready so we can gab about this new venue for darcy-ish-ness.

Also, here's what's on my mind:
I am eating chia seeds. What? Yes. Chia seeds. Like the things you plant in ceramic heads and then sprinkle with water. All these people who are crazy about eating natural and good for you things rave about them. Do i? I'll let you know when i decide. Today I'm still cautious.

Also, I miss my Julian babe and you too. Thank you for missing Brooklyn. When you are gone and happy in big space I am happy for you and then scared. Remember, all change is bad ;)

Natalie R. said...

Hmm, what's on my mind?

-Mondays are always awful for Caleb; he gets so exhausted at church, takes bad naps Monday morning, and by Monday afternoon is a complete wreck. Poor kid.

-Potty training is a total pain. Even when it goes relatively well, it's still a total pain. And now I'm realizing that everywhere I go, I have to know where the nearest potty is. Can't we just go back to the diaper???

-Why is it that I never leave dishes in my sink during the afternoon except on days when my husband is on call, and then I just can't be bothered to do the dishes?

lindsey v said...

You're in the UTofA? (The Utah of America) Cool. Isn't it so pretty here right now? Aaahhh. I love the skies and mountains lately. And always.

I want to watch that BBC Masterpiece now. I've never heard of that one.

And yeah, if I'm present when I'm eating orange sticks 7 can be enough. But when I'm doing something mindless like watching TV while eating them, I can usually stuff a lot more into my body and I don't even realize how gross, what I'm doing, is.

Annie said...

Little Dorrit, excellent. Try North and South on BBC, increible. (I'm too lazy to look up how to do spanish accents). Make sure it's the Elizabeth Gaskell book, apparently there is a Patrick Swayze version. Not that I have anything against the Swayze. Anyway, you will love it, because you are a person, and no real person could not like it.

)en said...

Ash and I JUST finished North & South! LOVED it. Was dying at the end. And now i'm intrigued by this Patrick Swayze version and may need to find it because--really?? wow.

You and i need to correspond. You need to tell me all you know re: BBC movies of oldentimes. I'm all kinds of obsessed. In fact, make me a list won't you?

lindsey v said...

The Patrick Swayze North and South is about the American Civil War.

Have you all seen the BBC 'Cranford'? I love it so so so much!