Tuesday, December 04, 2007

i want to die

it happened again. i'm sorry if i mess up typing because i'm shaking as i am waiting for the cardiac arrest to pass. why does this happen to me? why? why am i cursed with the grossest encounters with bugs?? particularly, spiders slinking down from the ceiling in FRONT OF MY FACE. And what's up with bugs being in my face all the time. Ohhhh my gosh. I swear. I was walking into the kitchen and there it was, mid-air, floating to the ground. AAAAAK!!! I barely saw it at the last second and totally had to screech on my brakes. (screech on?) How i even saw it i'll never know but despite my misshapen eyes and near-sightedness, i will forever thank them (and my inner-bug radar that works like a dream). Ohhh foul, FOUL! I can't stand the thought of this happeneing EVER, let alone the twice that it has. How many other spiders have i walked into that i DIDN'T see?? Oh my gosh, i can't handle it, i can't handle it!! I'm never moving from this spot agaaaaain! AAaaagkhwepofjerit!!!


Brooke said...

Okay, deep breaths Jen. I know this happened hours ago, but I'm guessing you're still hyperventilating. Now, we need a plan of action. Fumigation?

Natalie R. said...

Speaking as a complete and total arachnophobe, I completely understand and to be honest, I couldn't even make it through your post.