Friday, January 07, 2011


I've already talked about how applicable Lord of the Rings is to my life.  I would say the same about Harry Potter, though the movies are completely non-quotable (which is the opposite of LOTR).  I often find myself having LOTR or Harry Potter moments in my day. (and I'm not the only one)

Today's example:

Made some Lipton soup (yeah, how long has it been? it just felt right) and was reminded of those maddeningly evasive noodles of yore.  As if my spoon was a noodle repellent.  And a scene from Harry Potter 6 flashed in my mind, when Harry is desperately trying to fill the cup in the basin on the island in the cave, to quench a dying Dumbledore, and the water keeps magically slipping out. Just like Harry, i am so frustrated, because I JUST WANT SOME NOODLES.  In the end, those noodles are so small, they are hardly even there, and more of a mere illusion.   And I end up having to put in crackers to give it some girth, as i have in all Lipton soup experiences throughout my life.



Michelle said...

They should have added that to the movie....the evasive noodle. It would have been AMAZING.

Jill said...

Ha, I got rejected by this guy in college and I was immediately reminded of when Aragon (sorry, I am not hardcore so I don't know how to spell) rejected that blonde girl. I always liked her better than the elf

)en said...

ha ha. yeah, Eowyn is totally a tough chick. But Arwyn is ethereal. It's hard to choose.